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Innovation Visual Plate Up Digital Marketing for Breakfast

18-Sep-2018 10:25:09

Innovation Visual are pleased to invite you to our up and coming breakfast event taking place on the 10th October 2018. The event will lend valuable insight to businesses in the local area on how changes to Digital Marketing may affect you and your business. Digital marketing is an evolving field with rapid changes happening each month.

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Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2018

10-Sep-2018 09:53:50

Members of the Innovation Visual team were delighted to attend INBOUND 2018 in Boston, MA this week. This year INBOUND brought together a community of over 24,000 people who all have a passion for digital marketing, sales and delighting their customers through the inbound methodology.

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Chatbots are taking over the Digital Marketing World

06-Sep-2018 18:06:00

Ever wondered what those little messaging applications that pop up when you go onto a website are? Well, they are chatbots.

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HubSpot Reveal Their Video Toolkit

06-Sep-2018 18:01:00

It seems that video is set to become the most prevalent form of web content, with Facebook recently predicting that by 2020 all content on its site will be video, whilst IT giant Cisco estimate that video will make up 80% of consumer internet traffic by this time. Evidence of video’s growing importance in the digital landscape includes the fact that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, behind Google, and social media users are increasingly engaging with video content via their social channels (according to Twitter, 82% of its users watch video content on Twitter).

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So you don't think voice and AI will impact you?

11-Jul-2018 14:13:00

It is interesting that sometimes I still come across people in marketing that don’t think that either voice technology and / or artificial intelligence will impact them and their approach to digital marketing in any meaningful way. While we can carry on telling people what we think and the progress being made, there is nothing more powerful than people seeing it for themselves. Below are videos showing just two uses of this technology as examples of just how powerful it is becoming.

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Introducing Bark Search - The Inside Scoop on Google Kennel

01-Apr-2018 11:26:00

Do you have a dog who wants to use Google Home just like you? Well now you can, with the introduction of Bark Search. Innovation Visual have got the inside scoop on one of the most significant home automation and digital marketing trends sweeping the tech industry – the growth of Bark Search.

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