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Creating a Service Structure That Aids Retention

It’s no longer enough just to make the sale. Consumers of any product or service, be it B2C, B2B, or any other business type need to know that post-sale they are still going to be valued, looked after, and supported. Post-sales Customer Success is a key part of the buying decision and can be a dealmaker or breaker.

The key to delivering the post-sales service that not only supports sales but actively contributes to cross-sell, up-sell and re-sell opportunities, is ensuring your service team has the right structure, processes and tools to delight your customers and create advocates for your brand from them.

Customer retention relies on customer-centric, end-to-end service quality. That customer service excellence relies on the right service-specific tools that fastigiate an effective inbound flywheel and allow your team to do what they do best in an efficient and effective way.

How HubSpot Service Hub Can Transform Your Customer Service Delivery

HubSpot Service Hub is a platform specifically designed to enable your service team to provide superlative, consistent service that delivers measurable ROI.

Service Hub offers tools that enable fast, personalised responses to your customers all driven by a single point of truth across a clear user-friendly, feature-rich interface. Its tools and features include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Ticketing with automation
  • Customer portal
  • Knowledge base
  • Shared inbox to manage multiple channels
  • Live chat
  • Playbooks
  • Customer Feedback Surveys
  • Service Analytics and Reporting
  • Single Sign-On (Enterprise only)
  • Repeating tasks and queues
  • Call transcription and coaching
  • Post-chat feedback
  • Help desk automation
  • Custom reporting

What Does HubSpot Onboarding Involve?

In essence, onboarding is the process of setting up Service Hub for your business and moulding it to fit your operational structure, process, and objectives. There are typically three main options for onboarding to consider at this level, they are.

    1. HubSpot’s ‘Out of the box’ onboarding – This option is the HubSpot standard onboarding. It’s guided which means HubSpot give instructions, for set-up, structured over time, and the business implements them to essentially onboard itself. While it is a complete onboarding, it covers the basic setup of most tools.

    2. Customised and guided onboarding – For a lot of businesses it is necessary to adapt their onboarding to meet their objectives and business needs. That is where customisation of the onboarding process comes in. In this onboarding option, we work with you to understand your needs and priorities and develop a guided onboarding process that will meet them.

      We offer an in-depth guided onboarding solution that is always designed around the business and its objectives and pain points. While supportive, it allows the business to make the most of existing resource and use the onboarding process as valuable internal training.

    3. Customised and delivered onboarding – This option is ideal for those businesses that do not have the time or resource to manage a guided onboarding process, or who require a more advanced onboarding solution. It is a complete, bespoke service that includes all planning, implementation and testing required to achieve the functionality solution the business needs.

      Each customised and delivered onboarding programme is designed from the ground up for the business. This efficient process ensures effective integrations and data sync to create the complete MarTech ecosystem for the way your business works, as well as optimised data leverage and insights that deliver maximum ROI and target results on time and on budget.

Out of the box



Structured onboarding designed by HubSpot experts based on best practice & delivering ROI.




Customised live training sessions lead by HubSpot experts.




Bespoke solutions and automated mechanisms built around your unique business needs.




Fully delivered and bespoke HubSpot onboarding designed and implemented by experts





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Why Choose a Customised Onboarding?

Every onboarding process should be unique. We blend experience and deep HubSpot knowledge to build a robustly comprehensive plan that addresses each pain point and delivers on your objectives.

Our onboarding strategies maximise the value of your business’s internal structure, systems and processes while using HubSpot functionality to create a strong, end-to-end, integrated system. Our goal is to deliver a highly effective, complete, flexible system that is easy to understand, easy to use and ready to go from day one. 

How To Use HubSpot Service Hub Transform Your Customer Service

We understand the value of excellent customer service and how to give your team the best tools to not only deliver it but make a positive, measurable impact on your bottom line too.

Get in touch to talk about how to get the right customer service toolkit in place for your business and start leveraging your customers to build even more business.

What Our Client Say About Us

Innovation Visual have helped us to refresh our use of Hubspot, and the impact has already been remarkable. From the beginning of our journey, the team at Innovation Visual have demonstrated their expertise and deep knowledge of Hubspot. They’ve taken the time to understand our unique business needs and tailor their approach accordingly. Their team have guided the Marketing & Sales teams at Broadplace through the entire process of revamping our usage of Hubspot, making it more efficient and effective.

Ajay Syal, Managing Director.


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