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Effective Google advertising

Creating and managing Google Ads advertising campaigns effectively takes expert knowledge and experience. We understand that not every business has in the in-house team with the skills and capabilities necessary to run an effective Google Ads account. We work alongside our clients as an extension of their team to deliver Google advertising results that are aligned with their business objectives and goals.



Google advertising scheduling & optimisation 

Google Ads is a very powerful advertising platform that can deliver profitable results for your business when done correctly. The platform gives you great control over your advertising, so you can decide on how you spend, who you target, when you target them and much more. All of these controls mean that with correct set-up you can deliver a profitable advertising campaign that delivers a return on investment. In addition, Google Ads uses a pay-per-click system, which means that you only pay if someone clicks on your ads.

There are three very important elements to be aware of when it comes to PPC advertising on Google:

  1. The management of the account
  2. The cost per click
  3. The total ad budget (daily/monthly)

All of these elements vary depending on the industry sector, the target keywords and the campaign objectives.

Targeting the right audience

When we set up Google Ads campaigns, we reflect on how the campaign will support the overall business objectives and then we consider how to make best use of the budget available to you, to ensure the campaign delivers a return on investment.

Our team will consider:

  • When your ads are shown throughout the day and week
  • The gender and age of the people seeing your ads
  • The location of people
  • The device on which people interact with your ads
  • The search terms that you want to be found for
  • Negative keywords that you do not want your ads to show for

Free Google Ads Audit 

Make the most of your paid search budget with this free Google Ads Audit. 

You’ll receive a written report detailing our findings. The report will give practical, implementable advice and tips on how to address any issues, build better quality traffic and achieve higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Find Out More & Book Your Free Google Ads Audit

Accurate performance measures

The strength of Google Ads is that you can accurately measure the performance of your campaigns. For each campaign, ad group, specific ad and keyword, you know exactly how many impressions, clicks and conversions you received. This can help you make informed decisions on what ads are working effectively and how best to use the budget available to you to deliver maximum ROI.

Our team's main aim is to make Google advertising a profitable outlet for your business. We know how to make PPC work for your company. We also know about the dangers of incorrect set-up that can lead to the waste of budget. We will not waste your money!

Innovation Visual are a fully badged Google Partner Agency and our team are fully qualified Google Ads professionals. This demonstrates the high level of skill and experience the team possess in PPC advertising.  

Profit through Google advertising

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Google Ads can be profitable for your business, then speak to our team who will be happy to help discuss the current challenges you may be facing. Call the team on 0333 772 0509 and we'll devise a solution that just right for your business.


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