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Benefits of advertising on Microsoft

Paid search advertising on Microsoft (previously Bing Advertising) can be a highly effective way of getting your business found on the Bing search results page, if you are prepared to pay! Paid advertising allows you to quickly get your website found, bypassing the lengthy process of improving your organic rankings.

We understand that it can be difficult to set-up and run successful Microsoft Ads campaigns that deliver results for your business. Luckily, our team are here to help. We are a Microsoft Ads Accredited Professional agency who can help you to create effective Microsoft advertising campaigns. 

How does Microsoft advertising work

When someone types a search query into the Bing search engine, Microsoft Ads allows you to bid on the keyword(s) and appear in the search results for that term. There are a number of contributing factors that affect where your ad appears in the search results including:

  • The ad text and website page you’re linking to
  • The individual’s location when they search
  • The device they are using to search on (mobile/desktop/tablet)
  • Whether their search term includes any keywords you do not want to bid on
  • Whether or not the person has visited your website before 


One of the most important factors is your ads ‘quality score’. Quality score is calculated through reference to a number of different factors including the keyword match, the copy of your landing page, the percentage chance of someone seeing your ad and the likelihood that people will click on it. A higher quality score will help your ad to show higher on the results page.

Not having an in-depth understanding of how to create effective ads is one of the main issues with people failing to create successful Bing advertising campaigns that deliver a return on investment.

Our approach

We work with our clients to create and run effective Microsoft Ads campaigns. Our team are highly experienced Microsoft advertisers who will work with you to understand your business objectives and decide on the best approach to deliver results.

Make the most of Microsoft advertising

Our team understand that achieving positive results from Microsoft Ads can sometimes be challenging.

Speak to our team if you would like to find out more about how we can help you create effective advertising campaigns on Microsoft. Call us on 0333 772 0509 or email


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