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Our Knowledge Hub is new but we are adding to it all the time. Here is a collection of all the articles, videos and guides we have relating to PPC and Biddable Media. Remember to check back regularly as we will be uploading new content frequently. These articles are all written by our team, using their skills, experience and knowledge of each specialist area of PPC and Biddable Media. If there is a subject you would like us to cover please do not hesitate to let us know.


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Everything You Need to Know About Paid Advertising

Many well-known platforms are monetising the data they collect through paid advertising. From the established Google and Bing, the disrupters Facebook and LinkedIn to the newbies like Tik Tok, there is a lot of choice out there. These platforms have realised they can make a lot of money out of biddable media and they’ve been increasing space for ads over the past few years. Continue reading



How Best to Manage Your Biddable Media Campaigns: 8 Factors to Consider

Getting biddable media right requires skill and experience within the advertising space, as well as detailed research, planning, testing, accurate tracking, measurement, and iteration. The right biddable media solution will leverage the resources a business has in the most efficient way to deliver the best possible ROAS while building visibility, engagement, and brand awareness. This article looks at the various factors to consider in the online advertising space for organisations planning how best to develop marketing strategy that uses biddable media as an effective conversion and revenue generation channel. Continue reading

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How To Check If Your Google Ads Are Performing, Or Not...

Google Ads has become an increasingly complex platform over the past few years. If you aren’t an experienced PPC professional, it can be almost impossible to be sure you are using it to its fullest potential and getting the best ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for your budget. Our PPC team has laid out a few of the key elements you can use to temperature check the health and performance of your paid search. Continue reading

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In-Depth Guide to Healthchecking Your Ecommerce Website  

A website is an ecommerce businesses most critical tool, whether B2C or B2B focused. Without it, the business simply wouldn’t exist; but, like any other tool, without care and attention they can rapidly age, become outdated, develop anomalies and decrease in efficiency and productivity. We have designed this complete and in-depth benchmarking tool to help you thoroughly healthcheck your ecommerce website, assess its strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to address them with the aim of increasing efficiency, Return on Investment and revenue. Continue reading

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How To Use Remarketing Effectively

Remarketing helps you to make the most of the users who come to your site by re-engaging with them once they’ve left. This in turn is a highly cost-effective strategy as you’re not having to re-explain or sell a user on your brand, quality etc – they’ll already be familiar with these aspects. Instead, it’s the job of remarketing campaigns to spike the interest of the user and work as a stepping stone for someone to re-engage and, often, convert. Continue reading

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Negative Keywords & How To Use Them In Google Ads

As part of a well-researched and balanced digital marketing plan, paid advertising can offer brilliant solution to increasing brand awareness, generating leads and ultimately producing more revenue for your company. While paid advertising is not limited to Google these days, developing strategic campaigns that deliver a significant ROI can broaden your reach to a range of tailored audience types. In order to deliver a successful paid campaign, it’s vital to include keywords that are going to generate more conversions and a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) to trigger those actively searching for the specific keywords. Continue reading

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Building an Effective Google Shopping Campaign

When it comes to running effective Google Shopping campaigns, one of the most critical steps is the build itself. A well thought-out structure can set you up for success from day 1 and make managing campaigns a breeze. A badly planned or unintuitive structure, on the other hand, can ‘bake in’ problems that make effective ongoing optimisation all but impossibleContinue reading

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What Is The Google Ads Auction Insights Report?

Auction insights is a pre-built report in Google Ads that provides information on other advertisers who’re also bidding on the same keywords as you. It is available for both search and shopping campaigns. This report can be viewed at an account, campaign or ad group level. Advertisers are shown only by their “Display URL Domain” i.e.innovationvisual.comContinue reading

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Advanced Google Shopping Optimisation Tips & Techniques 

Shopping campaigns are a vital tool in the PPC arsenal of almost all e-commerce businesses. Not only do shopping campaigns provide a highly effective ad format, which highlights the visual aspect of a product, they are also highly automated, making them reactive and responsive. However, because they are so automated, the user also has far fewer options when it comes to targeting, in comparison... Continue reading

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How Much Does a Click Cost? (in Paid Search)

Google Adwords and Bing are very popular and effective ways to find and engage with potential customers and we frequently get asked by prospective clients about how much paid search advertising on these platforms costs. However, it's not a straightforward questions so when we answer the question with 'it depends', we have to put it into context. Let us explain... Continue reading

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How to Bid on Competitor Terms for Paid Search

To be clear, what we mean by competitor terms in this instance are the brand names of your competitors. For example, Coca-Cola might bid on 'Pepsi' or 'Dr. Pepper' as competitor terms. Bidding on competitor terms as part of a well-planned PPC strategy can greatly help you build brand awareness and gain market share when done well. Continue reading

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How to Avoid Errors in Google Ads Shopping

So, you’ve prepared your Shopping feed, set up your campaign structure, written your descriptions, allocated your budget and double checked everything. However, after clicking ‘Enable’, you start receiving notifications about product feed errors and disapprovals - what’s gone wrong?It could be a number of things, so to ensure you don’t miss out on sales, you should utilise Google’s Shopping best practice as a checklist. In the following article, we highlight... Continue reading

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Optimising PPC and Utilising Best Practice

So, how do you make a PPC account on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook or LinkedIn successful? What is best practice and how do you know if what you are doing is the best option? Often, as with most things, the real answer will be in a blend of all the options,  balancing investment with practicality and data driven decision making. However, in the confusion around how to develop the right best practice PPC strategy, important aspects can often get forgotten about or ignored. Continue reading

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Essential Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising

Facebook's reputation has taken quite a sustained hit over the past few years as it seems unable to detach itself from political controversy. However, as marketers, we rely on platforms like Facebook to help us reach the audiences who still use them in their millions and sometimes billions. Because of this, it’s hard to ignore the importance of this kind of advertising and the potential returns it can produce for business and clients. With that in mind... Continue reading

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The Secret to Successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook is no longer just a tool for your social life. It is also a powerful tool that allows businesses to access their target audience where they are online in an effective and targeted way. Facebook advertising gives businesses the opportunity to extend their reach and capitalise on their “perfect” client or customer by allowing them to laser focus in on target demographics. Here are some of the secrets to a successful Facebook Advertising campaign... Continue reading

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12 Tips on How to Get Traction on Your Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are notoriously hard to maintain and can be difficult to get a good result from. However, when planned, created and managed correctly, shopping ads can dramatically increase conversions and increase your ROI.... Continue reading

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Creating a Successful International Advertising Campaign In Multiple Languages

If you are part of an international business that deals with clients and customers across the world, one of your challenges will be translating not only ads but your website, marketing materials and any point of contact your users might interact with so that you can effectively communicate with all of your key audiences. Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Google AdWords is an incredibly powerful way of advertising your business and capturing sales. Unfortunately setting up a successful AdWords campaign isn’t always easy and there are a number of factors to consider. One of those factors is creating a good landing page for your add to land traffic on... Continue reading

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How to Implement GTM on your Site in 10 Steps

Google Tag Manager (or for the purpose of speed GTM) is a hugely popular and powerful platform designed to track marketing data by adding code snippets to websites, tracking conversions, analytics data, retargeting and more. However, it’s incredibly easy to get wrong and if you’re using Google Analytics any mistakes you make are going to be forever visible on your account/view. This can often lead to problems comparing data further down the line. For example if you want to look at year on year (YOY) metrics, an issue with GTM tracking could easily cause distorted and inaccurate figures. Continue reading

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Uncovering Insights from Your Ecommerce Analytics

We’re all obsessed with collecting data but are we actually getting relevant insights from it? E-commerce offers a goldmine of almost instantly available data. You can analyse which pages your customers visited and for how long, calculate the ROI on your online advertising campaign, see if English women between 18-25 buy more than American men between 45-55 and much more. However, how do you make sense of it all and uncover the data that will give you the insights you need to make a difference and how can you be sure that your interpretation is correct? Continue reading

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