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What is user experience?

UX encompasses all aspects of the end user's interaction with and experiences of a company and its products and services. 

From a digital marketing perspective UX encompasses – the design of your website and the usability of it – how easy is the interface to use, can they navigate the interface and find the information they are looking for.

Great onsite User Experience (UX) brings together the experience of developers, designers and digital marketeers amongst others to create a website that is all focused around the visitor/end user needs and requirements.

When a site is more user friendly and easier to use, barriers to purchase or conversion are lowered and the resulting experience encourages greater conversion rates and leads.  

Clear navigation paths and on-site signposting ensures that your messages and call to actions are direct, focused and by following a content plan relevant to your audience.

What components make up user experience

User Interface: What you design on the screen

Usability: smooth interaction between people and computer and encompasses efficiency, memorability, errors and satisfaction


Designing a purposeful User Interface

UX design can be applied to an existing website to improve the way visitors use and navigate their way around the site or it can be carried out working alongside developers prior to launch.   Whatever the status of the site, the process we go though is the same. 

When auditing a website from an end users point of view and overlaying UX principles, we consider the process the user goes through in navigating the site, the areas they need to travel between and the information they need, in the order they need it to facilitate a conversion.

Our aim is to eliminate the need for them to visit any other website, decide that your site fully answers all their questions and convert by either enquiring directly for more information or increased online sales.

How UX Research and Usability testing provide valuable user orientated direction

Your existing site visitors can provide useful insights into how your existing website is used, the elements your audience would like to change to enhance their experience and the journey they go on when navigating through the site.

Feedback gained through Interview or questionnaires of existing users can be a mine of information that can help form future iterations of your site and focus your efforts in improving the users experience.

To ensure a better return on your digital investment, we review key areas of the buying cycle, to draw consumers onto the next part of their journey, from awareness, consideration to converting them to purchase when they are ready to make a decision. 

The benefits of a good user experience

We’ve outlined above a number of the benefits that UX can provide.  And whilst user satisfaction is paramount.  There are a number of other benefits that we believe are just as important:

  • Competitive advantage: By creating a fantastic user experience, users will not have to visit a competitor’s site to get what they need.  Your easy to navigate site will be a benchmark that competitors will need to reach in order to be in your league
  • Greater return visitors: A site that is easy to navigate and work around, ensures easy transfer of information and repeat visit to review content.
  • Increase in online sales: Barrier to convert are removed with easy to understand navigation and messaging.
  • Increase in user trust: Users will gain trust in your products and services if your website is purposeful, direct and easy to use. 

We primarily consider user experience from the end-users point of view.  However, there are significant internal benefits that a well-designed interface encompasses for internal employees such as saving time when updating the site, increased site usage satisfaction to decreasing training time.

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