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From which CMS to choose and managing website CMS migrations, to improving site structure, integrating the right tech stack and developing amazing websites that drive engagement and conversion, this section of our Knowledge Hub deals with all things website development related.

All the content in this Hub has been developed by our team, but this section of the Hub is new so we'll be adding to it regularly. If there is a topic we haven't covered yet, please let us know and we'll do our best to fill the gap for you. 


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Key Steps To Choosing the Right Website Platform to Deliver Business Results

The platform (or CMS) you choose to create your website will determine a number of elements when it comes to your online marketing. For example, whether you can easily integrate with reporting tools like Google Analytics or marketing software like HubSpot. It will also define how efficiently your team can produce and upload new content, promote your latest offerings or make changes to the website itself when required. All of which means investing in the wrong platform for your business could lead to additional costs, time delays and unnecessary hurdles for your organisation in the future. Whether you are looking to build a new site or simply migrate your existing site to a new CMS for better functionality then this article is designed to help you choose the right website CMS for your business. Continue reading

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The Long-Term Effects of “Visual Composer” Plugins On Your Website Performance

‘Visual Composer’ plugins boast an easy, user-friendly way for marketing teams to amend pages and add exciting content like slideshows or galleries at the click of a mouse. They are often used by developers whose goal is to produce a site which looks visually stunning and can be handed over, once developed, for the marketing team to add to and update. So far so good right, sounds great? Well, from a usability point of view, perhaps. However, there is a significant, often unappreciated and potentially damaging aspect of these plug ins to consider. Our article looks at the risks of using a visual developer plug in how they can damage your website results and the alternative options to consider. Continue reading

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What Makes HubSpot CMS Different?

The HubSpot CMS is not like other website CMS platforms. It is a flexible, scalable and an intuitive website CMS, but that’s not all, not by a long shot. It is also an incredibly powerful, functionality-rich integrated sales and marketing tool that operates as a stand-alone platform alongside your website or as the website CMS itself. This article explains why HubSpot is a different class of CMS and how it can directly impact scalable growth and revenue. Continue reading

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What is HubSpot & Why Should You Choose It For Your Business CRM?  

The chances are, if you are reading this piece, you are thinking about using HubSpot but you aren’t sure whether the investment is right for you – this piece aims to explain how HubSpot works, its key features and benefits and give you the information you need to make your decision a little easier. Continue reading

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Best Practice Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Websites | Top Tips & Insights

Ecommerce websites are the most vital tool in an online business. Without them there would simply be no business, so why are so many ecommerce websites still so difficult to use and manage? In this age of customer-centric inbound marketing the customer doesn't expect to have to think, they expect to have their needs met intuitively. They expect websites to predict how they like to search, browse, decide and buy and they definitely don't expect to find it awkward, frustrating or difficult in any way. Removing friction from the buyer journey is one of the key principles of inbound marketing and in this video Tim Butler, our CEO talks to Sagar Nayyar, Director of SCommerce Mage and Magento wizard about how best practice digital marketing can transform the performance of an ecommerce website.  Continue reading

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