Unily is a leading Intranet-as-a-Service combining a rich intranet platform underpinned by dedicated customer service. We have worked with them for many years and have been instrumental in building their online presence. During this time we have seen them change from BrightStarr, an award-winning SharePoint consultancy with over 10 years of experience working with enterprise solutions, to the Intranet platform they are today.



Initially, the aim was to increase the volume and quality of leads, while reducing lead costs and increasing overall brand awareness amongst their target audience.

Success in these areas has led to our greater involvement within the overall digital marketing strategy and worked with the client to design and implement a strategy to maximise ROI and revenue generation.



  • International search marketing 
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • Online effectiveness consultation
  • Content development


The strategy was a combination of short to medium term quick impactful paid search campaigns, overlaid with longer term gains in organic search.

Highly optimised paid search campaigns were designed to deliver cost effective, quality leads into the business from the outset, with work on organic search engine optimisation aligned to provide long term results.

Content strategy was important for search, with customers personas created to clarify who the content is targeted at, their position within their customer lifecycle and in the case of international SEO in their own language.   Structured campaigns using key word research was analysed to ascertain the most cost effective way to positively impact language meta data, multilingual keyword research and link authority.

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Unily used to rely heavily on paid search marketing for the traffic to and leads from its website. While we still advertise on paid search platforms, both Google Ads and Bing Ads, the paid search traffic now makes up less than 10% of visitors to the website. 

The cost savings delivered by obtaining the right traffic from organic search rather than paid search have been substantial, particularly in a sector where a single click can cost more than $50.

Some organic search terms took little time to get to the first page, we plugged away at these whilst refining the paid search criteria for the highly competitive terms. Unily’s long term approach and patience paid off. They now have worldwide number one rankings for key target terms. 

The client has attributed the significant increase in their online presence in relevant organic search results with helping drive their business forward.  The ever-expanding online footprint helped shape their aggressive growth targets, regular IV training with Unily staff aided their understanding and delivery of the strategy.  Success breeds success and Unily's achievements continue to grow as they deliver the very highest quality, award winning intranet solution.



Client comments and testimonial 

"Tim and his team have become an invaluable part of Unily's marketing and sales team. They have not only been highly flexible about how they can help us achieve our goals but they have also been highly effective in getting results that have helped drive the business forward. We look forward to continuing working closely together into the future."

- Will Saville, CEO

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