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The Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

The social channel for the professional and used by more than 575 million people globally, LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses and individuals alike. Like other channels such as Facebook and Google, LinkedIn offers powerful advertising capabilities that can be utilised to deliver business results when you know how to exploit these capabilities. 

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to target people (and their associated organisations) by job title, function, seniority, company name, company size, location, group, skill, degree – the list goes on. Therefore, LinkedIn really gives you the opportunity to drill down your targeting and reach an audience with laser-focused accuracy. It’s well-known that LinkedIn isn’t the cheapest platform to advertise on, when you measure simply cost per click. However if used effectively, you can reach a high-quality relevant audience leading to significantly higher conversion rates and deliver better return on investment from your advertising spend.

Using LinkedIn Advertising Effectively

In order to gain the best results and deliver the highest return on investment, a significant level of expertise and skill is required use the sophisticated platform. There are several elements to setting up and running a campaign and our LinkedIn experts can help you create a campaign that delivers success. For every campaign, we will take the time to determine goals and budget from the outset to ensure the budget is spent wisely to achieve the desired outcome.  

From here, we will develop a strategy that is right for your business and structure your campaign in the best way to deliver on your objectives. We will work with you to create compelling ads that engage with the segment of customers you are targeting and their needs. Once launched, measurement is vital and we will optimise campaigns as required to ensure success; reporting on this at each stage for complete clarity.

To support your paid efforts, we can also provide strategic advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and what content you should be pushing out via this channel to ensure even better results.

LinkedIn as Part of a Wider Strategy

Our approach with all of these tactics is that they are best applied in a blend that is specific to your business requirements. LinkedIn is no exception and with the specificity of the audience that can be targeted it is important that how it fits within your digital ecosystem is properly thought out.

We have experience in utilising LinkedIn to support account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, but you can do more. Think about how you can maximise that investment in its really specific targeting: remarketing campaigns, content strategy, lead nurture campaigns all come into play. Your audience lives online across multiple platforms, LinkedIn is one but to maximise the ROI our team know to make it part of a complete strategy.

Results through LinkedIn Advertising

It can be challenging and time consuming even for the experienced marketing professional to know where to start when using LinkedIn’s complex advertising platform to run campaigns effectively. What ideas about how it will complement and enhance what you are already doing? Want to see how what you are doing on LinkedIn already can be super charged? What to know how to tie it in to your ABM campaign? If you have any of these questions about LinkedIn advertising, or others, get in touch. Let’s talk and help you solve your questions. 

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