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Making your website work for your business

Does your website do what your business needs it to do? Is it 'effective'?

Have you got a website that perhaps looks great but simply isn't performing for your business? Or perhaps as the marketing or business management you don't know if the website is working as it should because you are not getting information and insights to make the right decisions. This is surprisingly common. We help many companies transform the success of their website.

Make good decisions with good information

The analytics systems on websites create huge amounts of data, but to make good decisions you need information, and better still insights, from all that data. You need to first make sure that your base data is clean. If you are using Google Analytics and you do not operate filtered views you are not looking at clean, spam free data. Are you tracking those things that are meaningful for the business? And are you tracking them in a way to make understanding website performance clear? For example, when tracking goals you should assign a value to the goal that is a calculated representation of that goal's average value to your business. Someone watching a video hasn't got the same value as someone subscribing to your email news, or downloading a whitepaper or clicking to call you. All of these goals have different values and they should be set up in Google Analytics so that when you are evaluating your website performance you are seeing a true picture of value and therefore ROI.

If you are not seeing the wood for the trees in your website analytics, or you need assistance in setting up cleaner data capture, management dashboards, better tracking of success or tying data and performance across platforms and sources you should get in touch. Or you can read more information on our website analytics consultancy page.

The importance of conversion rate

CRO - Optimising the most important metric

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that convert on your website. Now conversion may mean different things on different sites, buying a product, submitting an enquiry form, providing contact details to download a whitepaper. Whatever the conversion, your website's ability to transform a visitor into a convertor is vital which is why we provide specific CRO (conversion rate optimisation) services to clients. 

Conversion rate is key to your digital marketing ROI. For example, if you improve your conversion rate from 1% to 2% you have just reduced your cost per lead by half. This means that if you are suffering from paid search campaigns becoming uneconomic the answer may not lie in the PPC campaigns themselves, but in your website's ability to convert. You need more leads but organic traffic growth is stalling? Improve your conversion rate and you will get more leads from the traffic you are already getting.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is multi-facetted and it is not always easy to isolate the cause and effect. However, with our expert team working alongside you, we are confident that we can improve your conversion rate and then impact positively all of your digital marketing ROI metrics. Get in touch using the form, or read more about it on our conversion rate optimisation services (CRO) page.


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