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Conversational Marketing is a rapidly evolving discipline. It seeks to enhance a users experience with a business or brand via their website. Great conversational marketing can deliver incredible results by engaging your users and giving them the interaction, support, response and information that they want, when they want it. 

The articles in this section are all related to conversational marketing and the tools available to implement it successfully. 

All the content in this Hub has been developed by our team, but this section of the Hub is new so we'll be adding to it regularly. If there is a topic we haven't covered yet, please let us know and we'll do our best to fill the gap for you. 


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Everything You Need To Know About Drift

In the first of a series of conversations about Drift, the Growth Acceleration Platform, Tim Butler talks to James Ski, Partnerships Manager at Drift to find out everything you need to know about how this remarkable platform delivers exceptional conversational marketing functionality to businesses looking to excel. This article is a video interview with full transcript. Continue reading

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Free Drift Audit 

As a user of the Drift Acceleration Platform, you know it has the power to transform your conversational marketing, streamline sales efficiency, increase engagement and dramatically improve conversion. The trouble is, you aren't sure that you are making the most of the functionality available and getting the best out of your investment. In order to perform at its best, Drift must be optimised and customised to align with your website and digital marketing strategy specifically, as well as your overall business goals. This optimisation allows the platform to properly compliment the way your business works, work effectively alongside it and flex around your changing needs to improve performance, enhance adoption and maximise return on your investment. That is where we come in with our free Drift audit. 

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How COVID-19 has Changed the Digital Marketing and Advertising Landscape

It’s no secret that the writing has been on the wall for traditional media, in terms of ad spend dominance, for some time now. The general move of audience, from offline and above the line engagement, towards more personalised, digital orientated engagement has been observed over a period of years with the shift even more evident due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this post we explore the real-world metrics now available and what smart marketers should be doing when armed with this information.  Continue reading

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Unily - Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Discover how we’ve been working with Unily since 2010 with an integrated digital marketing strategy to help them achieve organic growth, revenue (by increasing the volume and quality of leads, while reducing lead costs) and increasing brand awareness targets.

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