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Maximising Your Return on Investment in Marketing

We don't believe that it is acceptable to waste money when digital is so measurable and controllable

Everything you do on digital can and should be measured. Spending time, resources and money should show up in outcomes. We often start our engagements with clients with a transformation of their digital analytics and tracking as they have been operating with only partial information. We are data driven. We love being able to evidence outcomes from actions. We report monthly to each client in a customised, plain English, but detailed report what has been done, what has happened, why things have happened, what we need them to do to progress items and what we are going to do in the following month to keep the results improving. We also measure ourselves every month to ensure we are improving each month. Our dedication to improvement and ensuring that we are at the forefront of knowledge is also supported by all staff, in all positions, have to undertake at least 8 hours per month in training


How to maximise ROI in your marketing

First you measure then you can optimise. We analyse every traffic source and then within a source go down to a more granular level whether that is campaign / adgroup or keyword. Different traffic sources will have different propensity to convert and within a source it is normal for different streams to convert. For example brand terms in organic search will typically convert better than product category terms. Each stream needs to be assessed individually and then also as to how it forms part of the conversion chain as most people will visit a site multiple times before converting. If you have properly assigned goal values to actions across the website the attribution models in Google Analytics will allow you to understand the value of different sources. For paid search obtaining an ROI figure for paid traffic such as Bing or Google Ads is very simple, however for actions / resource inputs such as SEO work it is more complex. 



You can attribute ROI to SEO work and you can see reactions to the actions you put in but it is much more complex. If your SEO actions in a given period have been focused on simply on-page optimisation you can measure the organic traffic increases to the pages that you have worked on and therefore the conversion value attributed to the incremental traffic. If however you work has been focused on link building or site wide technical SEO then this can impact all terms and therefore the overall lift in organic traffic and conversion value can be attributed to this. These assumptions are complicated by the fact that most of the time SEO work is both site wide and term specific and more importantly some changes can take longer to impact results than others. For example link building work today may not get the link for a couple of months. However on a rolling basis attribution should be achievable to a satisfactory extent.


How we can help you maximise your marketing ROI

We work in partnership with our clients on-going, as an extension of their team. We provide not only the knowledge and skill to analyse their data to extract good information and insights for decision making but then help execute on a plan to optimise results for their spend. This means that we provide the support where it is needed, whether that be in paid search, organic search, implementing inbound marketing, or supporting when a new website is being developed.  This means that we work on those elements that are most needed from a marketing optimisation viewpoint and from your own internal resources perspective. We are the ultimate digital marketing partners bringing what you need, when you need it, to bear on your digital marketing to give you competitive advantage and measurable results. 


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