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We are proud to be a certified Google Badged Partner

Innovation Visual are a UK Google Partner agency and have held this status since July 2011! Achieving and maintaining Partner status means that we have demonstrated that we have the Google Ads expertise and skills needed to help our clients from across the globe grow their online revenue and increase their customer base through paid advertising. As a certified Google Ads digital marketing agency, we understand how to use Google’s advertising product suite to our clients’ benefit, how to seek out those best performing segments and how to use them to get the best possible return on their advertising spend.

Look for the Google Partner badge

We are immensely proud of holding the Google Partner badge as only Google certified agencies can display the badge on their website and marketing materials. It shows that our team members have gone through the required training and passed the Google Ads product certification exams.  That is why we are proud to display it on our website. It demonstrates a lot of hard work and industry understanding from our team who are experts in their field.


Award Winning Google Ads Agency

Innovation Visual have won a number of accolades from Google including awards in specialist areas such as YouTube advertising and mobile advertising. Our most prestigious honour as part of the Google Partner programme came in 2017 when we were chosen as one of the UK’s top 30 agencies and being awarded a place in Google’s exclusive Elevator programme. Being part of this programme has seen the agency develop and grow and further enhanced our abilities to deliver to our clients.

Why are Innovation Visual not a Google Premier Partner?

The simple reason is client acquisition and spend: The difference between a badged Partner and a Premier badged partner is just these factors. If we were a high volume, high churn agency creating lots of new Google Ads accounts each month and spending lots of client money on Google advertising products, we could be Premier - but that is not our way. We work with our clients for years and years and therefore we are looking to add the right clients and Premier status does not align with our values in client care. We also ensure sure that our clients spend the money in the right areas for the best ROI; whether that be through paid advertising, organic SEO or inbound and content marketing.

The Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

Google are very selective about who they allow to become a Google Partner.  When we work with a client, we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing team therefore, when you work with Innovation Visual for your digital marketing requirements, you gain team members who are Google certified. You will also benefit from the following:

Access to New Product Features

As a Google Partner, we are at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. We have access to Google’s new and in BETA product features and functionality before non-partnered agencies and are often able to bring these features to you before they become available to the wider public. More often than not, you will be benefitting from these features before any of your competitors are. 

Up-to-Date Trained & Certified Team

As training and education in digital marketing is core to Innovation Visual’s values, it will come as no surprise that the team holds a significant number of Google Ads and Google Analytics qualifications. Many of these count towards being part of the Google Partner Programme, which requires that our team must hold up to date qualifications on the use of various Google products, from search and display advertising to Google Analytics. To maintain certified status, Google requires that these qualifications are retaken on a regular basis to ensure that we are always keeping up to date with the latest advances in online advertising.

We have always sought to exceed the knowledge requirements of the programme. In fact, qualifications on their own is not in our opinion a sign that someone can deliver great results from Google Ads. For us and our clients, experience, demonstrable long-term success and a client centric approach to Google Advertising is key.

Full Functionality

Google Ads is a complex tool that is only as good as the people using it. There are many features within it that can be used to enhance (or detrimentally affect) the performance of a campaign.  At Innovation Visual, our team of experts use the complete Google Ads functionality to its full hilt, ensuring that the features and setting we use make the maximum return on your ad spend.

Fantastic Customer Service 

We are accountable to Google.  Our performance and service levels are monitored by them to ensure that our clients are getting the best out of Google Ads.  We know that we provide excellent customer service – Google verifies that is the case and provides additional reassurance for our clients. By using a Google Partner agency such as Innovation Visual you are working with an agency that provides excellent customer service, and also guarantees great return on investment.

Direct Access to Google

Our Google Partner status mean that when you work with Innovation Visual, you are accessing a line of communication direct to Google, which is not available to individual businesses or non-certified agencies.

We work directly with Google and are able to speak to them on your behalf.  If there is a problem with an ad campaign (attacked by MalWare for example – not likely but unfortunately it can happen!) we can get any problem sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Experience in Google Ads

We have spent millions for our clients on Google Ads, however more importantly than the amount is that we have spent it wisely. We have generated reliable and scalable positive ROI for our clients using the Google Ads platform for years. From low value eCommerce products to lead generation for ultra-high value B2B deals we know how to construct, run and optimise Google Ads campaigns that are highly profitable for our clients.

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