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The Value Of HubSpot Onboarding Designed Especially For You

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner agency, with numerous years collective experience of using all the HubSpot hubs and functions, we are ideally placed to support you and your business through the exciting process of getting started with HubSpot. This process is called onboarding.

We know that the best place to start a successful onboarding is with you. Understanding the problems and roadblocks you are looking to solve shapes the way you use the platform and defines the best way to onboard your business, that is why Step 1 is always a full Discovery session.

Different businesses need different things and have different priorities, so in the same way, each one requires a strategic, data-led and in-depth approach that aligns all business touch points ensuring they are working together to drive growth.

This fluid, adapted approach, front loaded with planning and data, means that the onboarding process rolls out faster, more smoothly, avoiding mistakes and gives you access to better quality data from day one.

Why Is Tailored HubSpot Onboarding Recommended?

Investing in the right onboarding means that you get up and running faster and more efficiently and properly planning your implementation can change the way you and your teams work for the better. Consider, how much more time could you and your teams spend on the really valuable work, if a big chunk of those tedious process and follow up tasks become automated?

Experienced guided client onboarding, for any core platform like this, is an essential part of making sure you are getting the most from your investment. We can make that happen efficiently in a cost-effective, timely way but also in the way that suits your business and achieves your objectives. Our onboarding is not a package or delivered by rote. It is the delivery of a specific configuration designed by our HubSpot experts for you and with you.

Innovation Visual are experienced Diamond HubSpot Partners and understand how best to get your business onboarded to HubSpot in the way that best suits your business needs, your objectives and your business structure. Doing it right the first time helps avoid costly mistakes and even more costly loss of productivity that take time and money to rectify.

What Is Involved In Onboarding?

There is a lot of work associated with getting your data properly migrated, the platform populated, set up, established and ready to use. Here are just some of the elements to consider:

    • Technical set up
    • Users and Permissions
    • Migration of Contacts/Database
    • DNS and domain set up
    • Creation of reporting dashboards
    • Installation of tracking code
    • Tech Stack Audit*
    • Integrations**
    • Conversational marketing installations
    • Blog migration
    • Pipeline creation
    • Email set up
    • Social media set up
    • Email marketing set up
    • Workflows and automations

*Tech Stack Audit - We will audit your existing technology to work with you on not only integrating HubSpot effectively but streamlining your tech to make the most efficient use of it across your system and processes. There will be instances in which HubSpot can replace an existing platform to save cost and increase efficiency. Alternatively it may be that an integration might work more effectively or simply that some functionality remains in isolation from HubSpot.

**Integrations - HubSpot has over 600 integrations available for everything from ecommerce to design to accounting packages and communications. We can help you choose which ones will best support and enhance your set-up and get them in place for you.

Ask Us About The Best Way To Onboard Your Organisation To HubSpot

HubSpot Onboarding Services

HubSpot Onboarding With A HubSpot Marketing Agency

Our HubSpot onboarding service can be a standalone service or part of an on-going retainer agreement, we want to deliver the service you need when you need it. Our ethos is and always has been ‘Just The Expertise You Need’, so you get the flexibility you need and the service you want when and how suits you best.

Each onboarding project is different, and we start each one with fresh eyes, using your priorities, the style and size of your business, your reasons for purchasing HubSpot, your data and the integrations you require as the pillars of our strategy.

That said, we understand that deliverables are key, and you will want to know how things will work, so our onboarding structure usually looks something like this.

    • A Discovery session to knowledge gather, establish the parameters of the project, your needs, the functionality required, integrations and timeline. During this process we include Stakeholders from relevant departments and levels of your business to ensure that HubSpot integrates successfully across the organisation.
    • From the Discovery session we develop a comprehensive Onboarding Plan that describes the full process and what is included and the proposed timeline.
    • Stage roll-out in line with the plan with testing and progress updates at each stage.
    • Install Documentation – we will provide you with post-set up documentation that offers you a reference resource on your HubSpot installation. This documentation will note the full range of data decisions that have been made and will include, for example, what automation is set up, naming conventions, audience segmentation etc.
    • Optional training for you and your teams on completion of the set-up and integrations (see below)

We can tailor your onboarding experience to the functionality you require, whether that is the full suite, just one hub or a different combination. Our onboarding programmes cover any or all of the following. 

Using a HubSpot agency for your HubSpot onboarding means you get a specifically planned and tailored onboarding that is relevant to your business your objectives and the way you work. It saves you time and money because it is effective and operational from day one and it works like you need it to. 

Post-Onboarding Training

Our aim is to get you using HubSpot to its very fullest from day one. So we make sure that it is not only set up in the best way for your business, but that your teams also know how to use it, what it can do and how to make the most of the functionality. If your staff don’t know how to use the software and so don’t get the best out of it, you are not getting the right ROI from your investment.

If required, our in-house experts will design training for the people you nominate, either as a one-off session or as a series. Whatever best suits you. Our goal is to ensure that productivity is maximised, and downtime minimised in the process. If you are a retainer client, you will have on-going access to our HubSpot experts to assist you in planning new implementations and as you expand your usage of HubSpot.


Why Choose Innovation Visual as Your HubSpot Partner?

We are Diamond HubSpot Partners with decades of combined experience in the platform and have onboarded a many, many clients successfully onto HubSpot. 

Our Team spend over 8 hours each, per month, updating their skills to ensure they are as up to date and knowledgeable as possible when it comes to building the right HubSpot instance, with the right functionality for you.

Why not get in touch and tell us what you need, we’d love the opportunity to talk you through the options to see what might work best, feel free to get in touch via our contact page or by using the form above.

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