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How to grow your business in an on-demand world

28-Nov-2018 16:41:00

The way consumers engage with your business is changing. If you want your company to maintain a competitive advantage then it is important to take note of the shift in consumer behaviours and make sure you’re embracing technology to stay ahead of your competitors in an increasingly on-demand world.

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The secret to successful Facebook advertising

26-Nov-2018 10:15:00

Facebook is no longer just an incredibly useful and powerful tool for your social life. In fact, Facebook may have created the single greatest marketing tool your business has available to them.

Facebook advertising is giving businesses the opportunity to extend their reach and capitalise on their “perfect” client or customer by allowing businesses to laser focus in on target demographics.

Here are some of the secrets to a successful Facebook Advertising campaign. 

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SMarketing – How can marketing and sales work together?

20-Nov-2018 09:43:35

SMarketing is a term that is being used more frequently as companies are beginning to realise that the traditional divide between sales and marketing is no longer beneficial to a business due to modern technology. Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% more growth than companies who don’t. This statistic demonstrates just how important it is for sales and marketing to work together, however in many cases this is easier said than done. So, how do you get your marketing and sales teams working together?

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Google My Business: App Update

19-Nov-2018 16:03:31

In digital marketing news this week is the arrival of the Google My Business App, making it easier for business owners to manage their online presence  and reach new audiences in an easy and convenient way from their mobile phone.

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Innovation Visual host festive drinks & more

16-Nov-2018 11:30:19

Innovation Visual are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a night of celebration on the evening of the 19th December 2018 at our offices in Surrey. The event offers the chance to reflect on the digital marketing developments in the past year and to look forward, so you know what to expect in 2019.

The event promises to be a relaxed affair allowing for networking and the chance to enjoy a few drinks and a selection of canapés.

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Working with savvy navvy

16-Nov-2018 11:24:05

Innovation Visual are delighted to reveal that we’re now working with sailing navigation app provider savvy navvy. The team have joined the savvy navvy crew to provide SEO services with the ultimate aim of increasing the websites search visibility for key terms and subsequently increasing traffic to the site. We are certainly thrilled to be onboard!

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