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An engaging video with brand intelligence and informed content is a compelling way to present a large amount of information to your audience.  We use video as part of the overall digital marketing strategy to inspire your audience to action and drive online growth.

Video marketing is representing approximately 80% of all companies online strategy and with YouTube officially the 2nd largest search engine after Google and nearly 5 billion videos watched every day it easy to see why investment in video content is increasing. 

The message is clear - If you fail to take video seriously, then your business will lose out to competitors that are using video as part of their digital marketing strategy. It’s time to get serious about video marketing and quick.

Why is video marketing so important?

Our team of talented video creatives, copywriters and editors understand the way businesses are incorporating video into their online strategy to deliver content that is informational, entertaining, or educational.    

We produce video that has purpose and is measurable. This can include informational videos which can increase viewers understanding of a product or service, entertainment videos that can be used to build your brand name or educational videos that portray your company as an industry expert.

Engaging explainer videos are more directly related to conversion goals as they impart particular product benefits/USPs or provide answers to your audience questions.  When used as part of a video content strategy, they can help move your customer to the next stage of their buying journey.  An informational video can provide users with valuable answers, develop their trust,  build your database, ultimately resulting in a sale. 

Entertainment videos can be instrumental in developing brand awareness, trust and helps build loyalty amongst your customers. If you are looking to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site, viewers engaging with your video on social media can create an appetitive for them to know more about your company and entice them to visit your main company site. 

The many benefits of video content 

A clearly defined purposeful video can be beneficial to a business in a number of ways

  • Reduce customer support queries: A carefully crafted FAQs can reduce customer support queries by answering their audiences most commonly asked questions 
  • Position your company as expert in your field: An informative ‘How To’ video can give your company authority, setting you up as an industry leader. Placement on YouTube or other popular video hosting platforms can also function as a driver to increase traffic to your site.
  • Increase time spent on site: Video embedded into the site outlining for example key products & services can help increase the time a visitor spends on your site.  They enrich user experiences and as people will remember more from a video than from written content help your information recall.
  • Increase conversions and reduce returns: Using video on a product page allows visitors to see your product in a number of dimensions. You can demonstrate how it works, how it is best worn/used and highlight the key product features that you want the viewer to understand.
  • Build brand communities and Trust: Videos engage powerfully with the viewer, creating a connection between the brand and customer. Videos are a great way to convey your company ideals, the passion you have for your products and become relatable to your audience. They can help develop long term trust and loyalty and help develop an online brand community.
  • Foster engagement and drive website traffic: People are curious by nature and videos can often garner more attention on social media than a static blog post or images. Similarly, email marketing clickthrough rates increase when video is incorporated in the message, helping drive traffic to your website. And perhaps more importantly video can improve SEO, which when combined with other powerful organic digital marketing practise can improve your online search results ranking.

The video production process

No matter what type of video you are looking to produce the process we go through is the same.  Getting under the skin of the brief is key, once we understand what the video needs to achieve, we can formulate the creative direction, video style (live footage recording or animation), video length and call to action.

You can have much or as little involvement with storyboarding, script production, soundtrack selection as you wish.  Once the video has been animated or shot with the latest technology, we will edit it and send it across for your final approval. 

We get your video found online

Once you are happy with your video, we will carry out search engine optimisation to ensure that it is found by search engines for relevant keyword searches. Our service doesn’t stop there - we can even upload the video to the most appropriate online location(s).  

Are you ready to harness the power of video?

If you want to be a part of this visual movement, contact us now to see how video can impact your online growth and play a key part in your ongoing digital marketing strategy.

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