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The more our clients grow, gain new business, hit their targets, build their website as a business asset, the more they want to work with us. This is why most of our clients have been working with us for years. We deliver results.

If you want to learn how we have helped specific clients there are a range of case studies for you to review below. If you are short of time, listen to what a few of our clients have to say in the short videos below.


Client Case Studies


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Discover how we’ve been working with Unily since 2010 with an integrated digital marketing strategy to help them achieve organic growth, revenue (by increasing the volume and quality of leads, while reducing lead costs) and increasing brand awareness targets.

Read how we achieved worldwide number one rankings for key terms for Unily.  





Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

SMI approached Innovation Visual to help them with their marketing strategy so that they could target their prospects more effectively in order to increase the quality of the leads they were receiving and deliver long-term growth for the business. 

Learn how their digital marketing strategy increased website conversions, increased engagement and increased website traffic  ROI.


Cannon Hygiene

Digital Marketing and Content

Cannon Hygiene asked us to design and implement a digital marketing strategy to maximise ROI and revenue generation. Find out how we helped them double their organic visibility and rank in the top 5 on Google for 40 key industry terms.

How we increased visitor number growth through all digital channels.




International Search & Website Development

Through a strategy of both long term organic search and content related activities, in conjunction with website consultation and development, we helped achieve international number one rankings for key target terms.

See how we achieved worldwide number one rankings for important keywords.



Search & Site Effectiveness

PedalCover asked us to work alongside their web developers to develop a new site that would address their SEO issues. We ensured that it would be effective for both organic and paid search.

See how we helped PedalCover achieve a three-fold increase in site visibility.



 The Medical Stock Images Company

Ecommerce & International SEO 

The Medical Stock Images Company asked us to provide a multiple service solution strategy to help them achieve organic growth in the US. Find out how we developed an ecommerce site and digital marketing plan centred around SEO that achieved the client’s goals.

Read how we increased the volume & quality of leads and conversions. 


Yes Yes Yes

UK & International PPC Strategy & Execution

Find out how we helped turn YES YES YES' search performance around by reorganising their USA, Canada and Europe PPC into regional specific zones, each with a separate tactical strategy to maximise conversions and increase quality scores.

How we maximised UK & international PPC conversions for YES YES YES.


International Search Engine Optimisation

Cubiks asked Innovation Visual to help them develop their international SEO strategy to increase visibility in key markets worldwide, maximise ROI and increase revenue generation. 

Learn how their digital marketing strategy increased lead conversion rate for long term positive return on investment. 

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Paid Search (Ads Grant) & Conversion Optimisation

Innovation Visual choose to support DSWF as part of our membership of the 1% for the Planet initiative by donating our time and digital marketing expertise to improve online visibility and conversion.

Read how we revitalised their search strategy & increased their impression share.

Red Paddle Co

International Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Find out how we helped Red Paddle Co improve their on-site SEO optimisation, content, technical SEO and refocus their paid search strategy, resulting in a 60% year on year increase in organic search traffic and a 100% year on year increase in visits to their shop page.

Read Red Paddle Co's international SEO & PPC case study.  


Joseph’s Wigs

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) & PPC

Having relied largely on word of mouth sales for a number of years, Joseph’s Wigs realised that, in order to grow even more, they needed help to get their high-quality products known and found by a wider market. They knew that online was the way forward for them and so approached Innovation Visual to assist them in developing their digital presence, service and functionality. With a focus on organic search, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and PPC we achieved 53% year-on-year increase in sales.

Find out how we built their monthly revenue to an all-time high.

Dudley Industries

Comprehensive SEO & Content Strategy Execution

Dudley Industries wanted to see their website work harder and more efficiently as a sales tool for the business with progressive positive change over time. We developed an SEO based strategy to deliver the change they were targeting.

Read more to find out how we increased their visibility by over 1800%.


SEO & Conversion-Focused Website Development

We built a website using HubSpot CMS – with deeply integrated CRM and digital marketing features at the core – to help this hospitality marketing agency power through the pandemic.

Read more to find out how we transformed their lead nurture.



Bespoke HubSpot Migration and Integration with Tech Stack

In migrating Menzies to HubSpot we were able to effectively resolve process issues and deliver significant efficiencies to their sales and marketing teams. 

Read more to find how we designed and delivered this customised MarTech solution.

citron-hubspot-implementation-case-study (2)
Simone Thomas Wellness

SEO-Focused Website Development

Within 4 weeks, we built a search-optimised website using Shopify for Simone Thomas Wellness that has boosted their online visibility and is driving more traffic to their website than ever before. 

Learn more about how the new website led to an 81% increase in organic traffic in the first month post-launch.
businessman looking at Innovation Visual client Menzies website on laptop
Citron Hygiene

Complex MarTech Consolidation and HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding for Global Business

Citron Hygiene approached us for advice on how to rationalise their MarTech ecosystem to best support achievement of their business technology goals and greatly improve the results that could be achieved from their sales and marketing teams.

Read more to find out how we rationalised their existing tech stack into a sleek and streamlined system that meets their evolving needs. 

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