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Joseph’s Wigs are a UK based business with over 50 years of experience making and supplying wigs and hair coverings for all types of hair loss. Claire Cullip continued the family wig heritage when she took over from her aunt 15 years ago and now runs the business with her husband, Stuart. 

Joseph’s Wigs understand that having great looking hair can directly impact a person’s confidence and can also be a fantastic way to express their personality. As such they provide a wide range of products, including ladies’ human hair and fibre wigs, gentlemen’s toupees, headwear and accessories. The main market for the business is in the UK and their flagship store is located in Morden, Surrey. They also have a smaller shop operating in Swansea. 

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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Search
  • Content Strategy & Planning


Although a lot of their business is derived through word of mouth recommendations, they are aware that the majority of people who look for wigs carry out online research before making a purchase. With that in mind, Joseph’s Wigs knew it needed to develop its online presence through digital marketing strategies, including organic search engine optimisation, to help drive traffic to the site. 

Claire and Stuart asked Innovation Visual to provide digital marketing insights and outline a strategy that would work across the different areas, providing both specific assistance in areas such as paid and organic search and overall strategic and tactical digital marketing support as required by the business. They were also conscious that their ageing site was in need of improvement and asked for help to ensure that a new ecommerce site would not only perform in terms of SEO but also deliver a great user experience and an improved conversion rate.

Business Goals

One of the key goals of our work, in terms of the business as a whole, was for the website to become the main sales generator for the business and reach the ambitious growth targets that Joseph’s Wigs have set themselves.

Increasing online visibility was an important goal in order to build traffic and sales from organic search. Likewise, improving the performance of pay-per-click advertising was also a key objective to ensure they were seeing a positive ROI from their ad spend.

Over and above the business goals Claire and Stuart were keen to ensure they maintained their reputation for discretion as well as their role as confidante, friend and trusted advisor to their clients and anyone who interacts with their business. 


In order to deliver the goals defined by the client, we developed strategies to address 3 key areas. They were improving SEO and organic visibility, refining PPC activity and working on conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

The strategy to improve SEO and search visibility revolved around not only identifying issues with the site that could be having a negative impact, but also researching search terms the site should be found for and then optimising the website to target these search terms through a combination of content creation and optimisation. 

The PPC strategy addressed refining the targeting of the Google Ads campaigns and focusing budget on search terms for which the site should have been but, at that time, was not ranking highly organically. Traditionally campaigns had been run across Search, Display and Shopping on Google with mixed results. Having run our own tests, we opted to focus budget on search campaigns and display remarketing, as these were by far the best converting and offered a far superior ROI.

All of the work around SEO and CRO was done with the re-development of the site in mind, ensuring all work could be carried across to the new site once development of that began.


Undertaking a full programme of research into keywords is a lengthy process but is crucial to identifying what prospective customers are searching for. That insight enabled us to select the terms most relevant to Joseph’s Wigs and focus on them. Having identified these terms, we revised the information architecture of the site, incorporating existing site pages with new pages, allocating the key search terms to individual pages. We also worked on optimising existing pages and creating content for new ‘pillar’ pages on the site which were directly targeted at key search terms.

Taking a step back, we wanted to take a strategic look at content and audience, so worked on creating a persona document which defined the key target customers. The persona informed the creation of a content plan and helped us outline a comprehensive list of relevant content that covered a range of topics, each targeting specific search terms, aimed at resonating with the personas at different stages of the buyer’s journey – awareness, consideration and decision.

Alongside content strategy we incorporated video strategy to provide a useful, educational and helpful channel that customers could use to learn about wigs, including choosing, fitting, wearing and caring for them. In knowing that customers looking for wig are often seeking discretion and empathy, we made the videos as helpful and straightforward as possible. You can see the full range of videos we created for Joseph's Wigs here

In addition to this work, we also undertook a full SEO audit of the site to identify any underlying issues as well as opportunities to improve the optimisation of the site. Items such as broken links, 404 pages, duplicate headings, unoptimised metadata and poor use of header tags were all identified as part of the audit and then fixed by the Innovation Visual team.

The work to improve the PPC search campaigns on Google Ads initially involved reviewing all search terms and creating negative keyword lists to improve the targeting, something that had not been done previously. We overhauled the campaign structure in order to better target the relevant keywords and improve the quality of traffic visiting the site. We also improved ad text across the campaigns with the aim of improving relevance, click-through-rate and ultimately quality score.

In addition to using Google Ads, we also introduced some targeted Facebook campaigns, focusing on specific audiences, in particular those demonstrating an interest in the subject matter as well users who had already engaged with the site.

Our conversion rate optimisation work on the site involved identifying areas of the customer journey that could be improved. These included improving the layout and categorisation of products, the usability of the product filters and reducing any points of friction during the checkout process. All of these learnings and improvements were incorporated into the later redevelopment of the site, which also helped to bring Joseph’s Wigs’ online presence more in-line with their premium service and product offering.


The implementation of this work saw some exceptional results across all aspects of the website’s performance, some highlights being:

  • Multiple all-time record highs in monthly revenue from website transactions.
  • 72% growth year-on-year in quarterly revenue
  • 105% increase year-on-year in monthly organic traffic
  • Top 10 rankings for 20 high-volume search terms, for which the site had previously ranked outside the top 20.
  • Significant improvement in ROI of Google search campaigns, delivering an all-time high of 6.5x ad spend across the account.
  • 19% increase in e-commerce conversion rate from organic traffic in first 2 months following the launch of new site.

Client Comments

"We have been with Innovation Visual for 2 year now and we are really glad that we moved our digital marketing to them.

We have launched a new new website and Innovation Visual were heavily involved in the development and without them it wouldn’t be half the website that it is.

We have regular catch up meetings with Pete and the team to keep us up to date with plans for our digital marketing, but in between these meetings the team are always readily available to answer any questions or concerns that we have. Innovation Visual are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with and we feel that our digital marketing is in safe hands".

- Stuart Cullip, Director

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