Citron Hygiene


Global Business MarTech Consolidation & HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding

What We Achieved For Citron Hygiene

  • Cost consolidation
  • Streamlined MarTech functions
  • Single portal for global marketing function
  • Seamless MarTech stack integration
  • Consolidation of all MarTech tools into one place
  • Single point of truth
  • Easy, accurate reporting and measurement
  • Regional partitioning
  • Improved efficiencies due to ease of duplication of assets between regions
  • Increased lead generation – utilising HS tech stack has increased number of leads by 120%
  • Accessible and scalable support from experts – Just the expertise you need


  • Hubspot & MarTech Support 
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development & Deployment

Why Citron Hygiene Needed MarTech Support

Citron Hygiene had a complex and expensive global MarTech set up that included Pardot and DotDigital as well as three Salesforce Orgs. The business realised that this wasn’t an efficient use of budget or resource. They were lacking alignment across the organisation, dealing inefficiencies from the systems in play and had poor clarity of data with little customer insight. In order to take their next step in growth, they knew that the situation had to be remedied. They could not be at a competitive disadvantage from retaining legacy systems and expect to achieve their growth goals.

Having worked with HubSpot Diamond Partner, Innovation Visual, on their digital marketing for many years, they approached us for advice on how best to rationalise their MarTech ecosystem to best support achievement of their business technology goals and greatly improve the results that could be achieved from their sales and marketing teams.

The ideal Citron Hygiene MarTech solution would be matched in functionality, usability and performance to their global outlook and objectives. Meaning that they need global control and reporting, alongside delegated local ease of use to get more done faster. However, the three Salesforce Orgs in use across the business had caused significant complications in data synchronisation with marketing platforms, and their peripheral platforms were difficult to use, inefficiently structured and limited what the Citron Hygiene teams could achieve.

They planned to consolidate all their regional Salesforce Orgs into one global Salesforce organisation and have one Enterprise HubSpot portal in place to allow for two-way data sync allowing for further growth within the business.

The business has been seeking step-change in performance, and investment in MarTech is part of a wider programme of marketing focused change. Innovation Visual worked with Citron Hygiene to identify HubSpot, at Enterprise level, as the most appropriate integrated solution to deliver on their scalable marketing technology requirements. It provides the relevant toolkit, reporting and smooth, native integration required to give the Citron Hygiene team the single, effective marketing platform they needed to deliver on their objectives and report accurately on results.

Innovation Visual have, and continue to deliver, just the expertise the business needs, to plan and implement the right MarTech solution to deliver on their ambitious growth objectives.

Citron Hygiene’s MarTech Challenges

As a global business across three key regions, Citron Hygiene required their MarTech solution to be flexible, scalable and efficient. It had to deliver on the wider group objectives for data efficiency, revenue and lead generation as well as reporting, in order to meet the needs of the regional teams using it on a daily basis it to plan, implement, deploy and measure their marketing and lead gen strategies.

Pardot had not proven itself to be as easy to use or feature-rich as required and the business needed. There was also a DotDigital instance being used for marketing that, again, failed to provide the marketing team with the functionality, as well as ease of use, that would allow them to maximise their effectiveness. Citron needed a scalable tool that included all the features required, to concurrently deploy a range of regionally focused, multi-channel marketing strategies, in a single place. However, it was also required to have the capacity to manage and maintain data on a global level, across multiple regions, as well as integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. Given the requirements HubSpot Marketing Enterprise was the stand-out choice.


The Right MarTech Solution – HubSpot Marketing Enterprise

Following the confirmation of the plan to consolidate all of the Citron Hygiene Salesforce Orgs into one, we were asked to work with them to put in place the HubSpot solution that would replace Pardot and DotDigital and meet the remainder of their MarTech requirements and objectives. We were clear that the HubSpot Marketing Hub at Enterprise level would not only represent better use of budget but would also deliver the global control and reporting needed, as well as the delegated local ease of use, allowing the regional teams to get more done faster.

The HubSpot Enterprise-level solution would facilitate the partitioning of data, tools, workflows, automations, chatflows, emails, reporting and users by region to ensure each local team could deploy their separate strategies to the relevant data segments, access the assets they need efficiently, and measure the results for that region effectively. It would also leverage native integration to deliver an effective two-way data sync with Salesforce, ensuring data clarity across the business as well as accurate reporting based on a single point of truth.

Our chief objectives for the project:

  • To clearly understand the client requirements for their new HubSpot Portal and to scope and plan the project, ensuring all stakeholders needs are included and effectively met.
  • To plan a user friendly set-up that minimises manual input and maximises opportunities to leverage the value of the data available. Making best practice use of automations, workflows and triggers to support the users in delivering on their objectives efficiently.
  • To accurately map and fully migrate all data from multiple platforms into a single new HubSpot Enterprise portal.
  • To establish all relevant tools with the correct branding and structure, ready for use, for example email marketing and landing page templates.
  • To create a detailed and flexible reporting system that would report accurately on all activity, performance, results and revenue, from overview to granular level, in accordance with the needs and focus of the user.



Our Strategic MarTech Implementation Solution

We started the project with a detailed scoping process to fully capture and understand every element of the client requirement and their vision for the completed solution. Once we had agreement from all stakeholders in the business on our Scope, we used that information to create an implementation plan, mapped in stage order against a project objectives delivery schedule.

The Innovation Visual MarTech hub worked closely with the client services delivery team and the client to implement, test and deploy the shared onboarding plan over the planned 6-week implementation period. The plan included stages for:

  • Data migration, data amalgamation from a variety of portals and resources, and resolution of data conflicts and anomalies
  • Salesforce integration
  • Set-up of teams, users and partitions by region, function and seniority
  • HubSpot portal set-up
  • Scoring, qualification and sales hand-off
  • Automation and lead nurture
  • Lead acquisition and forms
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Training and handover

As each element was completed, it was handed over to the Citron Hygiene project team to test and sign off. At the end of the project, we prepared and delivered feature specific training for each stakeholder group, supported with relevant documentation and how to notes, to empower the user teams to make maximum independent use of the tool.


citron-hubspot-implementation-case-study (2)


What Citron Hygiene Have Said About Their HubSpot Experience

"Having HubSpot Marketing Enterprise in place has really helped Citron Hygiene with our ambitious growth targets. The data migration was handled by Innovation Visual well and having all the data in one place has allowed us to improve operational efficiencies. Since the initial 6-week implementation period, we’ve continued to use HubSpot for day to day marketing, workflows, Chatflows and more. We’re looking forward to utilising the HubSpot marketing platform as we grow globally.”

Tom Hailstone, Global Digital Marketing Manager

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