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A Custom HubSpot CMS Website for DHM

We built a website using HubSpot CMS – with deeply integrated CRM and digital marketing features at the core – to help this hospitality marketing agency power through the pandemic.

        • An SEO and conversion-focused website
        • HubSpot CRM and email integration – transforming lead nurture
        • Radically optimised customer journeys
        • Custom design and blogging platform, with rapid turnaround

The Brief

DHM is a digital agency that specialises in hotel marketing. When Covid brought the travel and hospitality industries to a halt, DHM and their clients were struck hard. On top of this, DHM’s website at the time wasn’t performing. Conversions were low, even without a pandemic to contend with.

Lead nurture was complex and time-consuming. Multiple workflows were being used for email marketing and lead generation, and their CRM had to be updated manually. DHM needed to make sure that as soon as the hospitality sector had some stability, they were ready to build their client base. In the meantime, they needed a platform to support the hospitality sector through the pandemic.

DHM used the lockdown period as an opportunity to overhaul their digital operations. They assigned Innovation Visual to create a new website – one that would meet their primary goals:

        1. To streamline their B2B lead nurturing, email marketing, CRM and reporting
        2. To support their hospitality clients and other businesses in the sector during Covid, with informative and helpful content
        3. To maintain and improve search engine visibility

They also wanted to provide prospective clients with handy, simple to use tools – like a website pricing calculator. This all pointed to a flexible, integrated marketing solution: one that could be built quickly, managed easily and marketed effectively. We suggested using HubSpot CMS, for its ease of use and deep integration with HubSpot’s marketing tools.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Development
  • Hubspot 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

How We Built a Conversion-Focused HubSpot Website

As a results-focused agency, we plan for success by beginning every project with detailed research and when it came to planning DHM’s HubSpot website build, we approached the research phase with their key goals in mind.

SEO was a major KPI for them. Building on HubSpot CMS’s excellent technical SEO performance, we carried out audience and keyword research to identify high conversion-intent keywords, and long tail keywords that would help build new audiences.

We designed an information architecture based on that keyword research, which tied to the customer journey: discovery, further research, contact and conversion. Working closely with the design team at DHM, we brought their design concept into reality – adding our own improvements to enhance UX, SEO and the journey to conversion.

DHM has since maintained and improved it’s search visibility for core terms and themes. By using their blog for content marketing, they have captured new audiences. Combined with HubSpot’s integrated marketing and data capture tools, they’re now able to engage with this new audience in new ways, bringing their entire digital marketing effort into one simple to use platform.


Why HubSpot CMS?

An all-in-one marketing solution

We design and build websites on multiple platforms – including WordPress and Shopify –  but HubSpot was the right choice for DHM. Covid was changing hotel marketing fast and DHM needed to adapt to the rapid shift in online behaviour. With a drag-and-drop editor, HubSpot CMS website development is extremely efficient, and this allowed us to turn the build around quickly.

Not only that, but HubSpot CMS websites offer admins incredible flexibility and powerful features. It’s one of the simplest web platforms to use, while also being hugely effective. HubSpot’s intuitive CMS has given the DHM team a quicker way to manage their content – allowing them to create new landing pages and populate their blog with industry-relevant Covid support content. And, as an all-in-one solution, hosting is provided – on a fast, reliable, fully secure platform.

Websites built with HubSpot include hosting, an SSL certificate and firewall protection, with 24/7 security.

HubSpot CMS websites take advantage of a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), cutting loading times for users anywhere in the world (and improving technical SEO). Built-in analytics and custom reporting dashboards let the DHM team see how the website is performing at a glance – without the need for third-party tracking.

But the real advantage of a HubSpot CMS website becomes apparent when you look at its deep integration with HubSpot’s other marketing tools. The seamless integration with HubSpot CRM has transformed DHM’s digital marketing, lead nurture and customer support processes. Data capture and activity tracking on the website are recorded directly in the CRM, which means that audiences can have automated yet personalised email marketing or support communications sent to them – based on their stage in the customer journey and the type of service they’re interested in.

This has not only streamlined DHM’s B2B lead nurturing and email marketing process, it has massively improved their audience insights. HubSpot’s data collection and grouping has given DHM new targets, remarketing and social advertising audiences, with an entirely new approach to lead generation and nurturing.

Combined with their overall improved search engine visibility, DHM’s new website has transformed the way they market themselves.


See the results for yourself – visit

DHM’s new website is optimised for search and focused on winning new clients. Their clunky lead generation, nurture and CRM system has been radically overhauled. Now, everything happens in one place, with deep integration and reliable automation.

The customer journey is now crystal clear, with a user journey that makes perfect sense from discovery to contact. With personalised marketing communications made possible through HubSpot, DHM is winning more new business than ever before – even during a pandemic.

What The Client Says

“I am truly delighted with the new DHM website, developed by Innovation Visual.

The team at IV are knowledgeable and efficient. The HubSpot website they delivered is as functionality-rich and easy to use as they promised it would be. I am very impressed with the HubSpot Content Management System the site is built on – not only is it simple to use but I’m constantly amazed by the range of control I have over the site, not to mention the marketing tools that come built in. It’s fantastic! The team and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Thanks IV!”

Adam Hamadache, CEO and Founder of DHM

HubSpot CMS Developer Services

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