Cubiks are a global talent management consultancy who provide companies with innovative talent selection and management solutions to identify and develop existing talents, as well as recruit more efficiently.

They have 14 physical offices that span the globe from China, USA, UK, Germany to UAE and have further representation in an additional 16 different countries. 


Cubiks asked Innovation Visual to work alongside their global marketing team to help them improve their SEO and grow their business through having a clearly defined results-driven digital marketing strategy.

The Cubiks website caters for two very different audiences: HR professionals and candidates/employees. The structure of the website is complex as the terms used to describe Cubiks services can vary depending on the users knowledge of HR jargon, the content and language variants per country. 

This coupled with the fact that Cubiks’ products can be used on their own or alongside other services to solve specific problems complicated the structure of the website.

The Cubiks team needed our help to optimise the sites for what people are actually looking for when searching for their products and services and guidance on obtaining accurate tracking data to be able differentiate between the different language sites.


  • Website development support
  • International paid search
  • Organic search engine optimisation
  • Online effectiveness consultation


We started working with their UK head office devising a strategy to increase visibility in their strategic markets, maximise their ROI and increase revenue generation. Our approach across the account alters depending on the maturity of the markets in focus, the product emphasis and the individual country’s team involvement. We take time to tailor the headquarters’ overarching strategy to the specificities of the individual markets. 

Initially, we carried out a full technical SEO audit of the previous site to highlight any technical issues that required our attention, ensuring that content was easily accessible to search engines. Then we reviewed the sites existing information architecture, looked at the keywords that Cubiks were tracking for and then worked on optimising the sites content relevant themes. 

During Cubiks recent website redesign we worked hand in hand with their designers and closely with their Drupal developers – Full Fat Things to ensure that the site design (IA) and structure was approached from a user experience point of view.  We reviewed the keywords for the main markets and from our research into what the customers were searching for and taking into account new products, we created a refined set of target terms.

During the redesign process the number of language specific sites was rationalised to 9, with the different language sites mainly being a translation of the English version, following the same structure with the same design.  

We approached the international, multi-lingual content strategy with precision and language variations in mind, considering the requirements for content piece translation, the distinctive audience types, the terminology they use and the various stages of the buying journey they go through.  Our focus is on creating unique, high-quality content around relevant target themes to answer their audience’s questions and help turn website visitors into leads.

The Google Ads set up was completely restructured when we took over the account.  Previously, all the international market goals were linked together, so it was very hard to ascertain the effectiveness of Paid ads within specific markets. We set up separate segments so that the data for individual countries could be easily tracked. Campaigns involved search ads based around keyword targeting for various markets in different languages. This targeting was refined using relevant bidding on remarketing lists, locations and demographics to maximise ROI. 


Unfortunately, we cannot provide definitive results due to confidentiality agreement but our ongoing digital marketing has resulted in increased goal completions, a much improved conversion rate and an increased return of investment.

As we like to work with our clients for years and look to build long-lasting meaningful working relationships, we are proud of the impact that we have made to Cubiks global business.

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