PedalCover hree-fold increase in site visibility for 70 key search terms, allowing PedalCover to overtake all of their main competitors


PedalCover was started by former professional cyclist Darren Thomas to provide a unique home and bike insurance policy designed specifically for cyclists and triathletes. Their product portfolio has grown to include travel insurance, healthcare and motorhome insurance and while they have experienced commercial success and strong business growth, their online presence and digital marketing activities weren’t delivering the expected level of return. And so they turned to Innovation Visual. 

We quickly ascertained that the website was poorly performing due to a number of technical SEO issues involving the set-up and structure of the site. These were negatively affecting overall site health and search engine results. The site was also poorly optimised for relevant terms and as a result was receiving low quality traffic which wasn’t converting. Likewise, the Google Ad campaigns were set up with very broad targeting, meaning ads were being served for a wide range of largely irrelevant terms. This inevitably was delivering a very low conversion rate and poor ROI.



PedalCover asked IV to work alongside their web developers to develop a new site that would address all of the SEO issues of their current site and prove to be effective for both organic and paid search. Most importantly, they were keen to start competing in the search rankings with their numerous competitors for the key industry terms. In turn they wanted to see an increase in both volume and quality of traffic to the site and increases in conversions across their main products.

They also requested we overhaul their paid advertising campaigns to improve targeting and deliver a positive ROI.


  •  Site development consultancy
  •  Paid search
  •  Organic search
  • Content strategy development
  •  Online effectiveness consultation


Working from the ground up, we began by conducting thorough keyword research to identify key terms to target for both organic and paid search.

We then worked with the developers to ensure the new site was structured correctly and with a focus on website conversion optimisation to improve the conversion flow for all products. We also worked on improving the structure, layout and optimisation of existing content to target search terms identified in the research. We also set up Google Analytics, in order to accurately report traffic and conversion data. 

Once these fundamentals were in place, we worked with the team at PedalCover to create profiles of target customer personas in order to shape the overall content strategy. We then devised a content strategy that targeted these personas and the target search terms to improve the site’s overall organic visibility. The strategy focused on developing a broad range of content to ensure the site was targeting all stages of the buyer’s journey. As well as creating a lot of the required content, we also advised PedalCover that they should harness the power of their brand ambassadors and helped developed targeted content with them too. In addition to this, we also worked with PedalCover to gain valuable inbound links to the site from key industry websites, to improve their inbound link profile and increase their domain authority.



Within the first 6 months we delivered a three-fold increase in site visibility for 70 key search terms which saw PedalCover overtake all of their main competitors.

The number of key search terms for which the site ranks in the top ten in the UK more than doubled during this period and continues to rise. These increases in rankings combined with better targeting of paid campaigns led to significant increases in traffic to the site.  Within 3 months of working with Innovation Visual, the new website saw year-on-year increases in monthly traffic of 183% and a 187% increase in new users per month.


Client Testimonial 


"Outstanding 100% recommend! Innovation are a breath of fresh air. Insightful, informative and outstanding service and support from day one I have nothing but good things to say. They certainly have added an extra layer to our business which has delivered results for us and I cannot recommend enough. A special shout out must go to Pete for his patience, support and ideas."
- Darren Thomas

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