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Red Paddle Co are leaders in the world of inflatable stand up paddle boards who operate via a global network of distributors and retailers in over 50 countries. Red Paddle Co first approached Innovation Visual when they realised their online performance was lagging far behind their on-water performance. Despite gaining a good following via their social channels, their website was not performing well in organic search and their paid campaigns were failing to deliver a measurable ROI.



Red Paddle Co asked us to undertake a full audit of their website, including all the regional variations, in order to ascertain why the sites were performing so badly in organic search. They were lagging behind all of their competitors in search results and not appearing anywhere near the top of the rankings for many of the key industry terms. They were keen to understand the reasons for this and look at solutions in order to maintain the growth of their business by reaching new customers.

Likewise, another aspect that was pertinent to their business growth was getting their paid campaigns working more effectively and ensuring they were targeting potential customers across their key markets - USA, Australia, UK and Europe.


  • Website development support
  • International paid search
  • Organic search engine optimisation
  • Online effectiveness consultation


A structured and systematic audit of the Red Paddle Co websites highlighted a wide range of fundamental errors that were causing the sites’ poor performance in search results. From duplicate content issues, crawl errors, poor internal linking structure and incorrect redirecting of deleted pages, through to a lack of meta data or correct use of header tags, there were countless issues that needed to be addressed. In addition to this, the site was poorly optimised for all the key industry terms for which the company wanted to rank. The biggest issues of all were in the international targeting and international on-page SEO of the site. Due to a poor language structure of the multiple regional sites, and the site as a whole, search engines were unable to understand the content structure and were penalising the site for duplicate content. In addition to this, some of the foreign language sites still contained English and were incorrectly tagged as British English in HTML.

To overcome the technical issues of the site we systematically worked through them, rectifying the problems and implementing fixes where required. We worked with the website developers to implement the correct language attributes across all the regional sites and organised translated copy to be implemented where required.

We also conducted keyword research and worked on the site content across all regions, optimising specific pages for relevant search terms. This included implementing accurate meta data across the key product pages and ensuring the header tags were being correctly used on-page.

As part of our ongoing, long term SEO strategy we focus on key countries and seek to build domain authority and visibility within these regions. For example, to help improve German search rankings we conducted outreach to German bloggers to identify guest blog opportunities and connect with German PR agencies.  Whereas in the USA, country specific video strategy considers the nuances of the American market and their product preferences.

In addition to this, we undertook a complete overhaul of the paid campaigns, implementing separate accounts for their key global markets and greatly improved the targeting of search terms, demographics and locations. We designed and implemented a structured approach to their search and display ads and also introduced video advertising to improve the top-of-funnel awareness of the brand and their range of products. The seasonality of the product range means that we are constantly evolving our campaigns adjusting our findings from the Northern Hemisphere campaigns to implement them in time for the Southern Hemisphere’s summer (and vice versa), all the while considering the individual market needs.


Within 3 months of beginning our work with Red Paddle Co, we doubled the organic visibility of their website site for the 50+ key terms for which they wanted to rank. In addition to this, we saw rankings for a number of the main product terms rise into the top 5 on Google where previously they had been ranked outside the top 30.

This increase in organic visibility led to huge increases in traffic, with a 115% increase in monthly users, just 3 months after beginning our work. Over a year later and our ongoing work continues to deliver results, with a year-on-year increase in monthly users in July 2018 of 62% and a 66% increase in new users.

Red Paddle Co paddleboarding race

Client comments

“We have been working with Innovation Visual for the past year to improve our on page and technical SEO as well as our digital marketing activities primarily utilising Google Ads, Display and YouTube platforms. We have seen amazing results with organic search traffic increasing 60% year on year and our visits to our find a shop page increased by 100% year on year.

They have given us guidance every step of the way and regular catch up calls have ensured that we continue to evolve and improve our content and site performance to improve rankings which has resulted in a 15% increase in website visibility over the last 12 months. I would highly recommend working with Tim and his team.”

- Luke Green, Digital Media & Content Manager

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