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Dudley Industries are a manufacturer who specialise in the design and manufacturing of stainless-steel products including washroom accessories and pest control equipment. However, in their state-of-the-art facility in Lancashire, they also have the in-house capabilities to produce bespoke sheet metal products to meet a wide variety of needs. Their main market is in the UK however they also supply to other global regions such as Europe and the Middle East. Their primary audiences include fit-out companies, architects and specifiers, washroom servicing companies, care homes and hospitality destinations. Innovation Visual have worked with Dudley Industries for several years and are mandated to help them to grow their online presence through tactical digital marketing.



Initially, our original objective was to increase organic search presence for Dudley Industries and drive high-quality traffic from search engines, therefore working on increasing visibility for target terms related to key products and services provided by Dudley Industries. Naturally, over time our remit has expanded and now, in addition to focusing on SEO, we also deliver content strategy, development and implementation as well as UX (User Experience) services to not only drive traffic to the site but to increase the conversion rate of that traffic into greater numbers of profitable sales.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Account Based Marketing 
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Hubspot 
  • Google Ads 

Business Goals

Dudley Industries want to see their website work harder and more efficiently as a sales tool for the business and they want to see progressive positive change over time. The goals we identified for measurement in conjunction with them were:

• To improve the quality, relevance and volume of traffic being drawn to the Dudley Industries site.

• To evolve the UX of the site with the aim of improving retention and engagement and reducing bounce rate.

• To increase the number of good quality enquiries received via the website


Based on the identified goals, we developed an evolving strategy around our main focus area, SEO. Although it has grown over time our SEO strategy was initially, and has remained primarily, centred around increasing the amount of relevant traffic to the site by making the site more visible and rank more highly for relevant search terms. The strategy encompasses a variety of tactics that included a revised and extended content plan, persona clarification, thorough keyword research, technical and on page SEO improvement and maintenance as well as regular measurement.

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Our primary target was to grow online visibility and traffic from non-branded, relevant keywords in selected markets. Here’s how we did it:

Keyword Research

Our first step, once the customer personas were clearly identified was to perform extensive keyword research. This helped us to identify the terms that Dudley Industries customers were actually searching for, the language they use as well as providing data on search volumes to guide our strategy. Having identified the terms that were most important to be found for, we reviewed the current content on the site and allocated key terms to pages to avoid duplication and so reduction in value and effect on those terms.

Content Optimisation

While Dudley Industries is not an e-commerce site, they do have category pages and product pages for their washroom ranges. Using our keyword research, we considered targeting on each page as well as the new categories that should be created to fully target the range of keywords we had selected. From there, we created a plan to optimise category and product pages based on the terms selected. To facilitate effective measurement we added all our target key terms to a keyword tracking project so we could measure growth in visibility from the start.

Content Strategy

We developed a high-level content strategy that addressed the various goals and reflected the identified personas that we aimed to connect with. In implementing that strategy we created a rolling content plan that identified the pieces of content required to answer the different questions that customers have at each stage of the buyer’s journey. As the need for high-quality content has become more important in terms of search engine algorithms over time; our content strategy has evolved to satisfy that need and so encompasses not only blogs, but guides, brochures and other types of content too. Based on the data, a big part of our work has also been focused on re-purposing and improving older content on the site with the aim of consolidating and increasing its existing value, for example turning a 500 word blog into a key pillar blog (+1000 words).

Technical SEO

A healthy site is an effective site and while on-page SEO and, while content has been key, we have also maintained a close eye on technical SEO elements from the start. We undertake SEO audits at regular intervals in order to identify any issues with the site that might impact its performance.

Website Additional Development

We have also supported Dudley Industries with re-development work on their site; adding value to the work by ensuring it was performed in line with SEO and UX best practice. 


The implementation of this work saw some great results across all aspects of performance, some highlights being:

  • 1877% increase in overall visibility for key target terms over a 2 year period.
  • Impressive improvements in rankings with 36 terms ranking inside the top 10 with many terms previously ranking outside the top 50 and even top 100 over a 2 year period.
  • Significant growth in YoY traffic from search engines (+31% in 2019-2020 period) and overall traffic (+22% in 2019-2020 period).

Client Comment

"Our analytics speak for themselves and demonstrate the achievements of the team and I would recommend IV to any company based on these alone. But what the results don’t show is the friendliness , kindness and complete support the team provide me. As a busy marketing manager spinning lots of plates I need to work with suppliers I can trust and I trust them wholeheartedly to support my brand and my goals. They push me rather than me having to push them and I don’t think you can ask more of a supplier than that. They are experts in the field of digital marketing and I don’t even begin to pretend that I am, but they explain everything in a way that is so easy to understand that even I grasp it! In an environment and industry that moves at pace they are constantly leading the way and ensure they deliver the latest concepts to their clients.

IV is a gem of a company that you’ll always be grateful you found."

- Chrissie Rowlinson, Marketing Manager.

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