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Bespoke HubSpot Migration and Integration with Tech Stack

We worked with long-term client, Menzies, to identify their tech stack challenges and requirements and, from there, identified HubSpot Pro as an effective solution. By understanding their business needs and processes, we were able to recommend hubs on the HubSpot Pro platform to create a customised solution, with partitioning to suit their teams’ needs, replace systems and integrate HubSpot with their integral software. We were also asked to complete the onboarding to their new HubSpot platform where the following steps were taken:

  1. Understanding the current tech stack and requirements

  2. Setting up partitioning for teams and users

  3. Creating custom properties unique to the business

  4. Migrating data from Mailchimp and Pipedrive

  5. Integrating CCH and creating a one-way data sync

  6. Training HubSpot champions

  7. Providing ongoing HubSpot support to the Menzies team

The Brief

Menzies are one of our long-standing clients. They are an accountancy firm delivering traditional accounting services combined with strategic commercial thinking. Like a lot of businesses over the years, they developed a complex tech stack where not all systems were compatible, connected or automated. As their business evolved, they realised that they needed to streamline their tech stack to improve efficiency and resource management. As their digital marketing agency, we helped architect a solution.

After our initial call, our HubSpot team took the time to really understand Menzies’ processes, requirements and tech stack. It was discovered that they had multiple systems which were being used by different teams for various purposes. With this in mind, we recommended HubSpot Marketing Pro, Sales Pro and Operations Starter as the right toolkit to achieve their business objectives.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Development
  • Hubspot 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Planning a Complex Bespoke HubSpot Migration and Intergration

The first step we took was to review their existing tech stack, where we identified which systems could be replaced and which would need to be integrated. The following systems could be replaced because their functionality could be mirrored and often improved by the native functionality in HubSpot:

  • Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Hootsuite for social media scheduling
  • Two Pipedrive accounts used to manage sales data for two different teams

By replacing Mailchimp with Marketing Pro, the marketing team would still be able to send mass marketing emails as well as set up automation and view all email analytics and reporting. Marketing Pro also provides social media tools including scheduling, monitoring keywords and accounts as well as analytics so this made a perfect replacement for Hootsuite. On top of this, Pro comes with several other features such as live chat, chatbots and detailed reporting which would all benefit Menzies and enhance their engagement.

With Sales Pro, we were able to set up partitioning, allowing us to import both teams’ deal data from Pipedrive into one platform. This way each user only has access to the deals within their own team, which was a stipulation of the migration. By having all the deal data in one place, it also allows managers to more easily view and report on different permutations of all their sales activity within one account.

The one system which needed to be integrated to HubSpot was their accounting software, CCH. CCH contained historical data and provided Menzies with the one source of truth of all data, therefore, it was vital that this system was connected to HubSpot. Custom properties were created and mapped to CCH properties appropriately so that data could be synced over correctly. Now, Menzies have an effective, reliable and trustworthy 1-way automated sync of data between HubSpot and CCH meaning that their data is accurate, in real time, from HubSpot.

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Why HubSpot Marketing and Sales Pro?

An All-in-one Marketing and Sales Solution

Marketing Hub Professional has everything marketing teams need to demonstrate ROI, create automated campaigns at scale and collaborate seamlessly. With Sales Hub Professional, all your data is together on one easy-to-use powerful CRM platform and with sales pipelines, reports and dashboards, it is easy to see how your business is doing from a sales point of view. By having Marketing and Sales Pro, you can clearly see the customer journey from start to end.

Why include HubSpot Operations Hub?

The HubSpot Operations Hub has a multitude of uses but has really proven its value in the integration of platforms with HubSpot, facilitating exceptional, accurate and speedy data integrity and enabling the two-way transfer of data between platforms.


With the new HubSpot package, Menzies now has all marketing and sales data and activity in one place, with integration and reliable automation. Menzies teams can now work in one platform knowing confidently that each user only has access to data within their team and managers can see an overview of all data. By replacing some systems and integrating others, we have given Menzies a more connected tech stack which has improved efficiency, streamlined cost and reduced human error.

What The Client Says

We are incredibly happy with the support we have received from Innovation visual and the team throughout this process. With extensive planning meetings to choose the best hubs for our needs, complete guidance and assistance from the set up phase all the way through to completion and beyond. IV are always happy to assist and answer all of my queries no matter how small. They also have a good relationship with the HubSpot team, therefore can put the wheel in motion for elements we require but have not yet been created/ can get the technical questions answered and resolved quickly.

Samuel Coombes, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager

HubSpot Onboarding Services

Innovation Visual provides Expert HubSpot Onboarding Services by a specialist, in-house team. If you think your tech stack is holding your business back then let’s talk. Send us a message or call us on 0333 772 0509.

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