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One Percent for the Planet

At Innovation Visual we are passionate about wildlife and its conservation. As part of our commitment, we have donate a minimum of 1% of our entire turnover to environmental causes each year, as members of the 1% for the Planet Organisation. We do this from the company profits so it does not affect the prices we charge to customers for our work. There are now more than 1200 businesses who between them have donated over $100 million to 3,300 non-profit organisations working on environmental causes through this charity.

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Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty

Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty, (COTAP) tackles climate change and global poverty by using money from personal and business offsetting. They are a certified environmental partner of 1% for the Planet and use the donations in a variety of global initiatives to both combat global warming and help people to work themselves into a better economical situation. The team are very proud to support the wider global community through our offsetting


Hobbs Nature Reserve Trust

This wonderful charity was formed in 2022 to protect a beautiful piece of land with important geological and botanical features. Previously managed by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, this deserted quarry on the border of ancient woodland is home to many rare plants, and was under threat of complete abandonment, until a few dedicated locals decided to do what they could to conserve the area for the betterment of the natural world.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

At Innovation Visual we are very happy to have chosen David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) as our first charity to support with our donations since joining the 1% for the Planet movement in 2012. David Shepherd was an internationally famous artist who spent the majority of his life campaigning for environmental causes. Innovation Visual founder and director, Joanna has admired his work both as an environmental campaigner and as an artist for many years. Joanna has been a long time supporter of DSWF and therefore they were a natural choice for us to support with our ongoing 1% for the Planet donations.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a charity funding key projects in Africa and Asia, working to save critically endangered mammals in the wild. DSWF supports anti-poaching and conservation projects throughout Africa and Asia making a real difference to the survival of these critically endangered mammals including pangolins, painted dogs, tigers, snow leopards and rhinos.


Mediterranean Turtle Conservation – MEDASSET

The Greece based turtle conservation charity, MEDASSET, undertakes valuable conservation and education work for turtles in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the donations we have made, we have also purchased a number of their gift products to give to our clients to support financially in this way too. Read more information about their turtle conservation activities.


Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

We have been a corporate supporter of the ARC Trust for several years.  The ARC Trust works tirelessly to preserve the UK’s native species of amphibians and reptiles. Now in its forteenth year, the charity is working harder than ever to protect the habitats of Britain’s most elusive creatures. The charity also provides education and campaigns for changes to legislation, both in the UK and internationally, to protect our natural world.


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Free Ukraina Store

Free Ukraina operate a store in Warsaw, where refugees can 'buy' all their essentials, from shoes to coffee, nappies to batteries - absolutely free. The dignity of those in need is at the forefront of their mission and no one is turned away. The Innovation Visual team were proud to gather donations of clothing and necessities to send to Warsaw.

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Ocalenie Foundation was founded in 2000 to support migrants and refugees to integrate into society in Poland and aid their personal and educational development. They strive to ensure equal rights for all and to make sure that all people may live in dignity. Ocalenie really came into their own in helping the Ukrainian refugees entering Poland to escape war in their own country, and Innovation Visual were very happy to donate towards this very worthy cause


Na Paluchu 

The Na Paluchu Foundation first started operating in September 2020 and works to provide refuge, treatment and adoption placements for homeless and seriously ill cats and dogs in Warsaw. Poland

When the war in Ukraine began in 2021, their worked ramped up immensely as migrants escaping the conflict were unable to take their beloved pets and relied on charities like Na Paluchu to take them in.


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