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Google MUM and What it Means for You

06-Oct-2021 17:43:40 | 5 Minute Read

Back in May we reported the announcement of Google MUM and what it might mean for search. MUM began to come into effect in June 2021, with the aim of delivering improved search results based on a more real-world understanding of language and complex queries. This updated blog gives more information about Google MUM and how it is likely to be applied in real world searches. 

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Google Algorithm Latest News: Link Spam Update

26-Aug-2021 10:55:33 | 2 Minute Read

Google continually updates its algorithms, with core algorithm and general updates happening throughout the year. The latest of Google’s general updates was the spam update, which rolled out on 26th July 2021 and took two weeks to roll out. The update concentrates on backlinks to websites and whether they are spammy or quality links. This article discusses the link spam update, what effect the update could potentially have on your website and how it will impact SEO, how Google may penalise links going forward, why links are so important for SEO, and an action plan to optimise towards the link spam update.

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What Will Google’s Core Web Vitals Algorithm Update Mean For You?

22-Apr-2021 15:59:43 | 2 Minute Read

You may be aware that Google is planning to update their search algorithm by implementing Core Web Vitals as a search ranking factor, this update was initially scheduled for May 2021, but it has now been pushed back to mid-June 2021. However, it’s well worth being aware of the planned changes so that you can be ahead of the game in managing their potential impact on your website ranking and visibility.

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HubSpot Launches New Operations Hub

21-Apr-2021 13:32:45 | 2 Minute Read

HubSpot announced the launch of their new Hub today. The new HubSpot Operations Hub has been a closely guarded secret and only certain top tier partners, Innovation Visual included, were granted a sneak preview at the new functionality in advance of the launch on 21 April 2021.

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What is the Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update April 2021?

19-Apr-2021 16:00:00 | 2 Minute Read

At the start of April, Google announced the release of a new algorithm update specifically targeting product reviews. The aim of this update is to improve the quality of content available and help define the most “useful and helpful information possible”, to quote the Google Search Central Blog.

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New Algorithm Update Announcement From Google - Product Reviews

14-Apr-2021 17:15:33 | 2 Minute Read

What is the Google Product Review Update?

Late last week Google announced a new algorithm update. Google calls this change an ‘improvement of our ranking systems” and itis specific to product reviews. Google says it is “designed to better reward” those sites that “share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarises a bunch of products”.

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