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Meet Kyle - The Latest Member of the Team!

12-Apr-2021 15:22:41 | 2 Minute Read

Hey, I’m Kyle and I was fortunate enough to be offered a role to work within the great team here at Innovation Visual, working under the title of Digital Marketing Executive! I’m thrilled to have been given such a great opportunity to enter the world of digital marketing whilst being surrounded by such welcoming and supportive people. I’m excited about the prospect of working in an agency environment and being able to get hands-on experience with the wide range of marketing solutions we offer to our clients.

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Working From Home - One Year On

26-Mar-2021 10:30:00 | 2 Minute Read

Wow What a Year!

It’s been a year since Covid-19 and lockdown forced us all to pack up our desks and start working from home and what a year it has been! Although the past year has raised some serious challenges in all walks of life, it has truly been positive year for Innovation Visual. Our team has expanded, growing closer despite the geographical distance and we have reached the finals of many awards including the European Content Awards, The Global Digital Excellence Awards, The Drum Awards for Digital Agencies and The Global Agency Awards. We also won Gold at the International Business Awards

Since the move to remote working, we have seen a boost in productivity and morale across the team, who have been supported by our wellness initiative, so we have decided to make it a permanent arrangement. We have kept the office premises, which has allowed our team to come in to collaborate in person when necessary– socially distanced of course!
We wanted to maintain contact as a group whilst working remotely, so we have introduced daily “Huddles”, which allow the team to update each other on what they have been working on and also have non-work-related ‘water cooler’ conversations. This has encouraged the team to keep in contact, even if they are not all working together closely.

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Making Your Garden A Haven For Bees & Bugs

25-Mar-2021 14:09:37 | 1 Minute Read

On 24 March we were lucky enough to host an event at which we had eminent scientist Professor Dave Goulson speaking. We were delighted that so many clients, partners, colleagues, friends and family joined us for what was a fascinating, funny and sometimes shocking talk. There were a lot of questions at the end and everyone agreed it was a great, and useful, evening. 

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Celebrating the Women of IV on International Women's Day

08-Mar-2021 16:55:46 | 3 Minute Read

This International Women’s Day we wanted to take this opportunity to recognise the women making STEM their own.

As a tech business, we’re very aware that women have moved further into the digital marketing space over the 7 years that Innovation Visual has been around and can see the changes echoed in the wider STEM and digital marketing landscape too. However, all things are still not equal and, in some areas, for example SEO, the workforce is still around 70% male globally (Moz).

We’re interested in how the women working in STEM now see the changes and how their careers have been supported/impacted by the change in gender profile in their chosen fields.

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Clutch Names Innovation Visual as a Top SEO Company in the UK

26-Jan-2021 16:24:00 | 1 Minute Read

The rapid development of SEO as a digital marketing tool has allowed companies to explore more innovative ways to market their products and services online. For that reason, we are excited to share the news with you!

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Tim Butler - ‘Lockdown Leader’ Finalist - SME National Business Awards

22-Dec-2020 11:15:14 | 3 Minute Read

In the wake of a tumultuous year, the Innovation Visual team simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass to nominate our CEO Tim Butler as Lockdown Leader of the year in the SME National Business Awards 2020.

Find out why we think he deserves to win this prestigious award.

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