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Working with savvy navvy

16-Nov-2018 11:24:05

Innovation Visual are delighted to reveal that we’re now working with sailing navigation app provider savvy navvy. The team have joined the savvy navvy crew to provide SEO services with the ultimate aim of increasing the websites search visibility for key terms and subsequently increasing traffic to the site. We are certainly thrilled to be onboard!

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Supporting David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation with Digital Marketing Services

17-Jul-2018 14:30:00

Innovation Visual are committed to supporting charities through the 1% for the Planet scheme. One of the charities which the team are passionate about supporting is David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Who Are DSWF?

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation are a conservational charity that focuses their efforts on conserving the lives and habitats of mammals across Asia and Africa.

The foundation has been working to conserve wildlife for over 30 years and has to date been able to invest over £9 million into projects to help save and protect endangered wildlife. Work undertaken by DSWF ensures that education, anti-poaching patrols and conservational projects are all in place in order to protect critically endangered mammals such as painted dogs, pangolins and tigers.

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Working in Digital Marketing Webinar – The Future’s Bright

04-May-2018 12:28:00

In today’s digital first economy, marketing is at the forefront of new technology and techniques. The opportunity for a career in Digital Marketing is something that not all university students are aware of.

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Innovation Visual Assist Learn 2 Paddle Board in Creating a Directory for Keen Paddle Boarders

15-Mar-2018 17:34:23

The Team at Innovation Visual are excited to start working with Learn 2 Paddle Board, a paddleboarding school directory that allows paddleboard enthusiasts to find local schools for paddle boarding lessons.

With a paddle board of our own in the office, there was certainly a buzz amongst the team when it came to starting working with L2PB!

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Innovation Visual Help PedalCover Bike to Success

15-Mar-2018 17:30:50

The Innovation Visual team are pleased to work with PedalCover, an award winning, combined home and bike insurance provider based in Swansea.

With a couple of very keen cyclists in the Innovation Visual office, who are customers of PedalCover themselves, there is certainly a lot of excitement amongst us about working with PedalCover.

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Virtual Reality is Here – Diverse Interactive Choose Innovation Visual

15-Mar-2018 17:28:59
The Innovation Visual team are pleased to be working with Guildford based VR, AR and MR agency, Diverse Interactive.
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