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DCX Selects Innovation Visual as Their SEO and HubSpot Partner

Posted by Megan on 24-Nov-2022 16:30:28
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Innovation Visual are pleased to announce that we have started working with Paragon DCX on their SEO and Hubspot.
We are really looking forward to working with a truly digital-first, data-led company, to help them achieve their business and marketing objectives.

Who Is DCX?

DCX is a digital transformation and marketing agency, providing full-service solutions that combine the power of data with compelling creative and digital technology to help companies around the world do business, better.

DCX has a highly experienced team of experts, that offer a range of services including business and CX strategy and consultancy, data and AI, digital products and platforms, creative concepts and content, and marketing activation.


What Are DCX’s Marketing Goals?

DCX has ambitious goals to grow their business significantly over the next few years, and see SEO as a vital element to their success. By leveraging SEO and other digital marketing tactics, DCX wants to drive awareness and relevant traffic to their site to generate better qualified leads from medium to large organisations seeking digital transformation and technology services.

How Is Innovation Visual Going to Help Them Achieve These Goals?


We are going to identify and define DCX’s buyer personas to inform the targeting of our content and campaigns. This will help us focus our efforts on DCX’s most attractive ideal customers, to maximise return.

SEO & Content

We will use a combination of SEO tactics to grow organic presence for DCX, sustainably. This will include creating new pages and optimising existing content for target terms, creating a backlink strategy to improve domain rating, and ensuring the website has strong technical foundations.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic encompasses an array of platforms. We’ll look to use paid campaigns strategically and utilise relevant platforms to achieve the best outcomes for DCX.


When looking at website effectiveness in marketing, there are various tactics companies can use. Innovation Visual recently built a new website for DCX, working alongside their internal marketing team and designers. The new website will help DCX attract and convert traffic better, and we will continually look to make improvements based on data to further enhance the website user experience (UX).

How Will We Measure Performance?

When reviewing what success of our digital marketing efforts looks like, we’ll use a number of platforms such as HubSpot and Google Analytics to measure performance. Some of the main KPIs include:

  • Number of website leads generated
  • Number of overall website sessions and number of sessions from organic sources
  • Onsite visit to lead conversion rate
  • Lead to opportunity conversion rate

Do You Need Digital Marketing Support?

We cannot wait to get started supporting DCX to realise their marketing and business goals!

If you are looking for an experienced team of digital marketing experts to help propel your marketing forward, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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