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How to Implement GTM on your Site in 10 Steps

14-Jan-2020 11:43:38

Google Tag Manager (or for the purpose of speed GTM) is a hugely popular and powerful platform. However, it’s incredibly easy to get wrong. And if you’re using Google Analytics (which you most likely are) any mistakes you make are going to be forever visible on your account/view. This often can lead to problems comparing data, for example if you want to look at year on year (YOY) metrics, an issue with GTM tracking could easily lead to distorted and inaccurate figures.

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3 Steps to Ensure Good Website SEO health

09-Nov-2018 16:05:36

The health of your website is linked to your search rankings. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that your website health is in good order. There are a few things you can do to make sure that this is the case. 

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Is Google Still Working for the Content Creators?

09-Oct-2018 15:01:45

At the beginning, before canonicals and structured data markup Google had two users, one being the content creators; the people creating what makes Google so special: it’s content!

Secondly, there were the content consumers. These are the people who search Google to find anything from funny gifs of cats to educational information; that without Google would’ve taken far longer to find.

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Content is King: The Future of Content is in Topics

04-Oct-2018 14:58:00

Recently, content marketing has seen a paradigm shift. Particularly in the last few years, consumer search queries have become increasingly complex, changing the way search engines understand the content on the internet. Therefore, the way we write content needs to develop in line with changing behaviours. Search queries have become more long-tail, so businesses really need to think about consumer intent and create content that can answer all these different long tail queries. Having a strong content marketing strategy is key to the inbound marketing methodology to attract, engage, delight and convert customers at every stage of the buying journey. 

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INBOUND 2018: The Launch of HubSpot's new standalone CMS

07-Sep-2018 18:13:46

This week a team from Innovation Visual joined 24,000 other professionals from the digital marketing world to learn about the very latest innovations in Inbound Marketing at INBOUND 2018. Among these, were a suite of new products, as well as refinements to some existing ones, from HubSpot.

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Chatbots are taking over the Digital Marketing World

06-Sep-2018 18:06:00

Ever wondered what those little messaging applications that pop up when you go onto a website are? Well, they are chatbots.

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