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Social Asking Partners With Innovation Visual

Posted by Charlie on 16-Nov-2022 15:36:54 | 2 Minute Read

Innovation Visual are proud to announce that we will now be working with Social Asking. Social Asking have created an intelligent new tool that allows organisations to connect to their audiences and fan bases.

About Social Asking

Social Asking’s is a powerful fan engagement tool that offers an interactive way to gain customer feedback, build a community and create a revenue stream. Organisations such as football clubs can post a link to a custom branded landing page, where audiences can engage in questionnaires, leave ratings and likes. What makes Social Asking’s fan engagement surveys different is that fans can interact with one another, creating a unique sense of community outside of social media. This conversational data can then be analysed using “Smart Filters” to discover trending topics and keywords. Similar to social media but with added benefits, the data is kept between the organisation and the fans, with no hidden entities profiting off data.

The platform is a great way of connecting with a fanbase and letting them feel as if their voices are being heard and valued.


What Do Social Asking Want to Achieve with Digital Marketing?

Social Asking are looking to increase brand awareness and generate leads by leveraging digital marketing. Our strategy will be focused on driving quality, relevant traffic to the website using a range of channels.


In digital marketing content is king! Our strategy includes writing key landing pages that will be used for improving nurture campaigns and generating conversions through our paid advertising. Throughout this process, we will perform keyword research, finding the best keywords to fit their content to help nurture their leads, taking them from consideration to conversion.

Through matching the right keywords to the right content, we will also be producing highly relevant blogs, helping to improve their domain authority, keyword rankings and in turn, increase leads.

Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising approach involves implementing a LinkedIn campaign, with the desired outcome of generating leads and raising awareness of the Social Asking platform. LinkedIn is a great platform as we can hone in on Social Asking’s ideal customer profile, to ensure we’re targeting the most relevant people.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring content is well optimised is key to improving SEO and helping them rank highly within SERPs. As Social Asking are a new player in the market, our strategy will be focusing on low hanging fruit in the short term, targeting keywords that reflect their brand intention helping organisation to increase fan engagement. By doing this, we can start to increase organic keyword rankings and drive relevant traffic to Social Asking.


Using our expertise in HubSpot, we will be onboarding Social Asking to Sales and Marketing Pro Hubs. Our team will utilise content to create nurture workflows, to build interest from leads. In combination with lead scoring, we can understand when a prospect is ready to have a 1-2-1 sales conversation to maximise the effectiveness of the sales team.

Let Us Help You Increase Leads

We couldn’t be happier about our new partnership with Social Asking and we can’t wait to commence our digital marketing journey with them. If you would like more information on how we can help your business with your marketing needs, get in contact with our team today, who promise to deliver just the expertise you need.

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