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Google Ads Update 2019 - The Removal of Average Position Reporting

20-Mar-2019 16:51:45

Google Ads is making constant changes however one significant change we must focus on is the removal of average position reporting. 

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12 Tips On How To Get Traction On Your Shopping Campaigns

15-Oct-2018 09:51:00

Shopping campaigns are notoriously hard to maintain and can be difficult to get a good result from. However, when done correctly shopping ads can dramatically increase conversions and increase your ROI.

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Optimising PPC and Utilising Best Practice

08-Oct-2018 15:54:00

There seems to be a growing debate between marketers and business’ on how to make a PPC account on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook or LinkedIn successful. Often it will be a mixture of both investment and best practice, however, in the confusion important aspects often get forgotten about or ignored.

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How to Avoid Errors in Google Ads Shopping?

26-Sep-2018 14:30:00

So, you’ve prepared your Shopping feed, set up your campaign structure, written your descriptions, allocated your budget and double checked everything. However, after clicking ‘Enable’, you start receiving notifications about product feed errors and disapprovals - what’s gone wrong?

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Google Updates Their Ads, Again!

17-Sep-2018 10:30:00

Google has done it again and as you’re probably aware, Google loves to update Google ads all the time with some updates being bigger and better than others…

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Turning a New Page: My first week at Innovation Visual

14-Sep-2018 10:21:00

Hi, my name is Charlie and I have just finished my first week at Innovation Visual. With a year of experience already in marketing, I decided that it was time for a change to focus my career In perusing something I enjoy…Paid search!

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