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Google March 2024 Algorithm Updates – Fighting genAI

02-Apr-2024 12:04:21 | 6 Minute Read

On 5th March 2024, Google announced two big algorithm updates: the March 2024 Core Algorithm Update and the March 2024 Spam Update. These updates have been launched as a response to the growing complaints of users regarding spam and low-quality results on Google search. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Google said the algorithms are “designed to show less content made to attract clicks and more content that people find useful” – Google Search Central.

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Key Factors for a Successful Website Project

27-Mar-2024 14:18:09 | 3 Minute Read

An underperforming website can cause issues such as declining sales and a failure to hit growth targets, and so we know that launching a new website or rebuilding an existing one can be an important, but daunting task. If not done correctly, it’s easy to fall into potential pitfalls that can impact many areas of the business.  But, with the right approach to your website project, it's possible to navigate challenges to achieve a successful outcome!

Building an impactful website is essential to any business’s digital marketing strategy. In this blog post, we focus on insights from Pete Hibbard, Operations Director at Innovation Visual, who has extensive experience of delivering website projects from scratch and managing website re-builds for clients.

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5 Lead Generation Ideas for Your B2B Business in 2024

26-Mar-2024 11:42:09 | 7 Minute Read

Does your B2B company find it increasingly difficult to generate high quality leads? This is a challenge marketeers are facing in 2024 for several reasons including increased privacy concerns, a rise in content created by AI platforms leading to over-saturation of the market, and continuous platform changes. Coupled with an uncertain economic climate, marketing departments are also faced with reduced budgets and deals closing at a slower pace, as potential opportunities have become more risk averse. This means we must rethink how we generate leads.  

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Google Consent Mode v2 – All You Need to Know

29-Feb-2024 10:54:26 | 5 Minute Read

The digital landscape is subjected to constant change as a result of new technologies, trends and on-going changes to legislation/laws. The latest change to impact the industry is Consent Mode v2, which is coming from Google as a result of increased privacy concerns from users and emphasis on GDPR compliance etc.

Google’s introduction of Consent Mode v2 was rather sudden, with the implications of failing to comply being rather vague. With such a big technical change being sprung upon users within a short timeframe, it’s likely that not everyone will have a chance to implement this into their website and by the March 2024 deadline.

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How Marketing Budgets Were Spent in 2023

29-Feb-2024 10:40:17 | 5 Minute Read

Marketing budgets have been through a lot in the past few years! From economic uncertainty to profound changes caused by the pandemic and Artificial Intelligence, CMOs have had to completely rethink how they spend their budgets many times. Marketing departments have been under pressure in many industries to deliver more with less and 2023 seems to have been the culminating point in those years of change.

We’ve explored data from 2023 to understand how marketing budgets have shifted, which channels have grown and which have shrunk to help you strengthen your own digital marketing strategy.

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The Future of Digital Marketing without Third-Party Cookies

28-Feb-2024 16:40:03 | 8 Minute Read

With the complete removal of third-party cookies impending (as mentioned in our top digital marketing trends for 2024), tactics to adapt to these changes are at the forefront of marketeers’ minds. How will this impact digital marketing strategies and businesses?

We answer all these questions in a recent interview between Founder and CEO of Innovation Visual, Tim Butler and our expert colleague, Senior Biddable and Analytics Executive, Kyle Redman, to explore the impact.

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