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Google Consent Mode v2 – All You Need to Know

29-Feb-2024 10:54:26 | 5 Minute Read

The digital landscape is subjected to constant change as a result of new technologies, trends and on-going changes to legislation/laws. The latest change to impact the industry is Consent Mode v2, which is coming from Google as a result of increased privacy concerns from users and emphasis on GDPR compliance etc.

Google’s introduction of Consent Mode v2 was rather sudden, with the implications of failing to comply being rather vague. With such a big technical change being sprung upon users within a short timeframe, it’s likely that not everyone will have a chance to implement this into their website and by the March 2024 deadline.

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The Future of Digital Marketing without Third-Party Cookies

28-Feb-2024 16:40:03 | 8 Minute Read

With the complete removal of third-party cookies impending (as mentioned in our top digital marketing trends for 2024), tactics to adapt to these changes are at the forefront of marketeers’ minds. How will this impact digital marketing strategies and businesses?

We answer all these questions in a recent interview between Founder and CEO of Innovation Visual, Tim Butler and our expert colleague, Senior Biddable and Analytics Executive, Kyle Redman, to explore the impact.

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Everything you need to know about Google’s email authentication requirements

31-Jan-2024 16:01:28 | 5 Minute Read

From February 1st 2024, Google have introduced new authentication requirements for bulk email senders. In this article, we will outline what these requirements are and whether you need to be doing anything about them.

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5 Ideas to Use Personalisation in Digital Marketing

25-Jan-2024 14:19:11 | 5 Minute Read

What do you think of when you hear marketers talking about personalisation? I would guess it’s emails with Dear *First Name* in the subject line, and you would be right, but there's so much more to personalisation!

Personalisation has become a foundation of digital marketing and according to research '57% of online shoppers say that they’re happy to provide retailers with personal data as long as it’s used for their own benefit'.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss 5 ways you can use personalisation right now to improve your sales and marketing activities.

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Search Generative Experience (SGE) – What Is It & How to Prepare for It

25-Jan-2024 13:52:09 | 10 Minute Read

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a new experimental feature which uses artificial intelligence to create contextual answers to complex questions. This aims to provide new and better defined answers, and bring new opinions and angles to existing queries.

SGE is still in its tentative early stages, and is being created to enhance the user search experience. When using SGE, users will see search results page similar to the ones they are used to, but organised in a new way to help them get more from a single search. In this blog, we explore what we know so far.

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Influencer Marketing: Should your business follow the trend?

25-Jan-2024 10:01:35 | 7 Minute Read

With Influencer Marketing growing as an effective marketing strategy, it’s important to assess whether this could be the right move for your business. According to a HubSpot report 'Influencer marketing yields the highest ROI, along with blogging and social media shopping tools.'

With the potential to transform the way you deliver your marketing, Innovation Visual’s Marketing Manager, Lauren Waterfall recently interviewed Digital Marketing Lead, Vogue Phelps, to gain further insights into this marketing tactic.

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