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Wycliffe Choose Innovation Visual

Posted by Jo L.S. on 21-Jan-2021 10:52:50 | 2 Minute Read

Wycliffe’s motto is ‘Bold and Loyal’, and we couldn’t be prouder to have been chosen to help them achieve their ongoing business objectives through digital marketing.

Read on to find out why we were chosen and how our dedicated team will help the college to stand out even more in their community as a leader in private education.

About Wycliffe

Wycliffe Independent School has been educating children from the age of 3-19 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, for nearly 140 years. Its provision comprises of a nursery class which is part of the pre-prep school, a prep school, and a senior school for pupils aged from 13-19. Day and full boarding is available to UK and international pupils from the age of 7. Educating both boys and girls in a culture of diversity they pride themselves in promoting the skills and gifts of the individual.

Wycliffe Crest Colour

Supporting Wycliffe with Digital Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing

Through our inbound digital marketing efforts we will position Wycliffe as the private educational establishment of choice in their market. We will highlight their unique selling points of specialist subjects, extra-curricular activities, pastoral and wraparound care, pupil led individualised learning and small class sizes. As the decision on where to send your child to school can be a long process, we will inbound marketing to nurture Wycliffe’s audience through the buyer’s journey.

Executing on an Effective Content Strategy

Understanding Wycliffe’s personas is key so that each can be fully catered for in terms relevant useful and informative content which aligns with each stage of the buyer’s journey. Developing helpful in-depth content, which has clear intent to appear in a meaningful way in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), is the goal for attracting potential students and parents to the Wycliffe website. Regularly updated content including a combination of gated content, articles, videos and even social media messages will help to position Wycliffe in a way that expresses the tone, personality and style of the School; allowing for more effective engagement visitors and prospective customers.


The website is the 'shop window' of the college for anyone searching for a private educational experience for their child in Gloucestershire. Improving the user experience of the website aims to create a frictionless and supportive journey for each visitor, echoing the quality all-round experience Wycliffe delivers its students and parents.

Organic Search

A programme of ongoing technical SEO support will help to monitor, manage and improve the function and performance of the website. Organic search tactics including optimising on page content, link building and local SEO will help Wycliffe get found for key search terms and attract high quality traffic to the site.  This programme will improve organic traffic quality and quantity and as a result, increase engagement and the number of conversions the site delivers. 

Paid Search

Judicious, granular and carefully monitored paid advertising (PPC) campaigns will help to boost lead generation in a controlled way, whilst the organic programme of work is growing in strength. PPC can be very useful in the short term or for supporting lead generation while SEO efforts are taking effect. PPC can also be particularly useful, when well-planned, to generate interest around specific events such as open days.

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