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Digital Marketing Horror Stories You Need to Beware Of!

31-Oct-2018 12:34:00

When it comes to Digital Marketing strategy and implementation, things can, and do, go wrong! Some of the mistakes can be far more damaging than others and we are going to delve into some of digital marketing’s most haunting horror stories that will have you screaming how did that happen in the first place?!

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Is Google Still Working for the Content Creators?

09-Oct-2018 15:01:45

At the beginning, before canonicals and structured data markup Google had two users, one being the content creators; the people creating what makes Google so special: it’s content!

Secondly, there were the content consumers. These are the people who search Google to find anything from funny gifs of cats to educational information; that without Google would’ve taken far longer to find.

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Content is King: The Future of Content is in Topics

04-Oct-2018 14:58:00

Recently, content marketing has seen a paradigm shift. Particularly in the last few years, consumer search queries have become increasingly complex, changing the way search engines understand the content on the internet. Therefore, the way we write content needs to develop in line with changing behaviours. Search queries have become more long-tail, so businesses really need to think about consumer intent and create content that can answer all these different long tail queries. Having a strong content marketing strategy is key to the inbound marketing methodology to attract, engage, delight and convert customers at every stage of the buying journey. 

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10 Tips For Cracking Content

30-Oct-2015 09:43:23

How many times do you hear people talking about content these days? If you’re a search marketing specialist like ourselves, it’s something we talk and discuss on a daily (almost hourly!) basis. Our clients know content is important but good content takes time and effort to produce. It’s a harsh, unforgiving world of competing content out there and getting those all important likes, +1s, re-tweets or shares can be a tough old job.

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