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Video Consumption Trends in 2021 & How to Leverage Them

25-Aug-2021 11:05:41 | 3 Minute Read

Recent news stories suggested that the average amount of TV and online video that UK adult watch in a day has increased by nearly 50 minutes to nearly 6 hours since 2019. It’s impossible not to have noticed how prevalent video content has become and how brands are using it across numerous social and content channels to build brand, promote messages and campaigns as well as drive conversions.

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Making Your Garden A Haven For Bees & Bugs

25-Mar-2021 14:09:37 | 1 Minute Read

On 24 March we were lucky enough to host an event at which we had eminent scientist Professor Dave Goulson speaking. We were delighted that so many clients, partners, colleagues, friends and family joined us for what was a fascinating, funny and sometimes shocking talk. There were a lot of questions at the end and everyone agreed it was a great, and useful, evening. 

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Microsoft's Latest Flagship Store in London

17-Feb-2020 14:24:27 | 1 Minute Read

We had the pleasure of attending one of Microsoft's VIP tours at their latest Flagship store in London, which included interacting with some of Microsoft's latest innovations and products.

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Working at Innovation Visual

21-Jan-2020 11:15:17 | 4 Minute Read

Get to know our friendly team here at Innovation Visual and find out our top highlights from last year - events, trips, new team members and more. We aim to create a thriving work environment giving the team the ability and tools in which to succeed and excel in the delivery of our digital marketing services. 

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What’s Been Important in Digital Marketing in 2019

27-Dec-2019 17:27:00 | 3 Minute Read

What changes in digital marketing have had the biggest impact in 2019? Where is digital marketing heading in 2020? 

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Web Summit 2019 Highlights | Actionable Digital Marketing Insights to Take Into the New Year

30-Nov-2019 17:21:00 | 3 Minute Read

Don't worry about missing out on Web Summit, all the best bits from the conference are discussed in this video. The Innovation Visual team break down some of their favourite talks, insights and more from Web Summit 2019.

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