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Making Your Garden A Haven For Bees & Bugs

Posted by Zoë on 25-Mar-2021 14:09:37
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On 24 March we were lucky enough to host an event at which we had eminent scientist Professor Dave Goulson speaking. We were delighted that so many clients, partners, colleagues, friends and family joined us for what was a fascinating, funny and sometimes shocking talk. There were a lot of questions at the end and everyone agreed it was a great, and useful, evening. 

Professor Goulson is a specialist in bumblebee ecology, founder of The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the author of five very funny and informative books including 'The Garden Jungle', 'A Buzz in the Meadow' and the new ‘Gardening for Bumblebees'. He is also a founder member of The Buzz Club

If you'd like to watch the full talk and hear Profesor Goulsons answers to some of the questions that the attendees asked you can watch the full recording here:

The talk focused on the variety of ways you can make your outside space more bee and bug friendly; from the plants you choose and the way you care for them to the various options there are to create bug friendly habitats in your garden. Professor Goulson also covered some shocking statistics on the decline in the insect population over the last 40+ years, the consequences of losing insects in our ecosystem and the possible causes for the decline which of course makes looking after the bees and bugs in our gardens even more important. 

This event was arranged as part of our 2021 IV team challenge to improve our outdoor spaces for wildlife. That challenge ties in with our commitment, as a business, to the environment and doing our bit to make a measurable difference. You can find out more about what we do in the Environment section of our website.

If the talk inspired you to plant some bee and bug friendly flowers or create a bug hotel, we'd love to see them! Send any pictures you have to us here and we'll share them on our social media for everyone to enjoy. 

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