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Microsoft's Latest Flagship Store in London

Posted by Vogue on 17-Feb-2020 14:24:27 | 1 Minute Read

We had the pleasure of attending one of Microsoft's VIP tours at their latest Flagship store in London, which included interacting with some of Microsoft's latest innovations and products.

Join Us on an Exclusive VIP Tou

We gained some interesting insights into how the store is run and its purpose in the wider community. Join us on our tour and see what our favourite parts were.

Find out why we think the store is a great place to visit and experience for yourself!



- So, it was really good to get a good little tour around the new Microsoft flagship

- They showed us around. They've got this amazing game room where they've got all the computers set up, and the new Xbox X console. They had loads of multi-player games where you could sort of play around and have fun on, basically sort of showing off the Microsoft products that they've got there.

- After that they showed us around all the other activities and experiences they've got there: they've got a place you can take a LinkedIn profile picture, a DJ area as well as all these screens and AI bits there as well. We even got to go in the McLaren Senna car. They've got an experience where they've taken out the engine and they've got some auxiliary stuff to move it around, so it really feels like you're on a racetrack.

- Yeah, overall it was really good experience and it's good to see what Microsoft is up to for the next few years.

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