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HubSpot Announces Revolutionary Google Sheets Integration

Posted by Charlie on 10-Feb-2021 09:51:53 | 3 Minute Read

For general reporting and analysis, the HubSpot built-in reports are great! We use them all the time at and they’ve become an invaluable tool for us to use daily. However, with a recent release, we’re now able to expand what we can do with our HubSpot data even further and we’re really excited about it.

Why HubSpot Integrating With Google Sheets Is A Good Thing

HubSpot has now announced a new integration with Google Sheets through their workflow feature. This feature allows you to create new rows in a Google Sheet using almost any HubSpot contact property data you wish. Through the workflow you’re can keep the data in Google Sheets up to date, meaning you no longer need to keep exporting data again and again.

This change is a brilliant step forward in what is already a great reporting platform and opens up a huge range of new possibilities for HubSpot users who want to manage and analyse their HubSpot data in conjunction with data sets from the various other tools and platforms which can integrate with it, using Google Sheets.

How the HubSpot Integration With Google Sheets Can Benefit You

This new feature might not be a life-changer for all HubSpot users, but almost everyone will be able to benefit in some way. One of the first things to consider around this new feature is how you report on new contacts, MQLs, deals and so on. If you use Google tools like Google Data Studio this will be really significant. Through this new feature, HubSpot can automatically update a Google Sheet file with up-to-date data and figures on contacts in your system, you’ll then be able to pull through these figures into your reports through the Google Sheets and Google Data Studio integration.

By bringing all this data into one place you will be able to see a clear overview of the performance of your advertising campaigns and any other marketing activity you’re currently running.

Secondly, Google Sheets can provide more flexibility in how you analyse your data. For example, if you have data which isn’t 100% clean or needs tidying up, this can be tricky to do with built-in tools as it often requires a more granular or manual approach. If, for example, you’ve changed properties over time or had an issue with tracking on your site, this data could skew the results and would need a manual hand to fix. This is where having your data in a tool like Google Sheets becomes even more helpful – as you can tidy it up before adding it to any reports.

There’s a huge amount you can do with this new feature and over the next few months and years, we’re looking forward to using it to come up with new and innovative ways to help increase data-driven insights and performance for our HubSpot clients.

Who Benefits From the New HubSpot Google Sheets Integration?

This feature can help anyone who needs to analyse or understand digital performance data. Top-level data combined from multiple sources, such as from HubSpot itself, Google Ads, Search Console and more can be hugely beneficial for CEOs, heads of departments and managers in guiding strategic planning and decision making. However, with the granularity of the data available, the insights and performance reporting makes this integration invaluable to all levels of decision makers, particularly those who work directly on implementing new campaigns and building strategies across a range of channels.

How Does The HubSpot & Google Sheets Integration Work?

The HubSpot and Google Sheets integration is done through the workflow area of HubSpot using in-built apps. With the recent addition of the Google Sheets app, you can now add new Google Sheet rows based on contact properties and the trigger rules from a workflow.

To try it out for yourself you just need to do the following:

1. Go to an existing workflow or create a new one

2. Add an action

3. Select “connect an app”

4. Search for Google Sheets from the options

5. Connect to your Google account

6. Select the spreadsheet you want HubSpot to add new data to

7. From the header and property, drop-down options choose the data you want to be synced

Integrating HubSpot data with Google Sheet

Possible Workflow Ideas:

Add Google Sheet Rows When…

• Contacts change lifecycle stage

• New contacts are created

• Form submissions occur

• When someone signs up for an event

• A new deal is created

• And many more…

Making the Most of HubSpot’s Best Features

HubSpot is an amazing platform that helps business grow and achieve their goals, however, we can all be guilty of not making the most of our tools and getting best possible ROI from them. This new integration is an example of a fantastic functionality that could make the development of valuable, well-informed insight a lot easier. It’s new and might take some getting used to but if you need a bit of help getting started or would like to talk about how to use this new integration to best advantage then we’d be very happy to help. Why not get in touch or call us on 0333 772 0509 today?

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