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Freestyle TS Partner with Innovation Visual!

Posted by Jo L.S. on 27-May-2022 15:44:37 | 3 Minute Read

The Innovation Visual team is thrilled to be working with Freestyle Technical Services. Through dedicated and holistic digital strategies, we are helping them to generate the level of revenue required to meet their ambitious growth objectives.

About Freestyle Technical Services

Freestyle Technical Services is a leading IT support company specialising in cloud services, virtual desktops, cyber security, antivirus software and help desk services. Freestyle TS operates primarily in the English counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and supports small and medium sized enterprises within the legal, financial and recruitment industries.


“Freestyle TS are very excited about the engagement with the Innovation Visual Marketing Agency, we are looking forward to working with them and watch our business grow”

- Mike Roberts - Director of Freestyle Technical Services


Growth Ambitions

Freestyle TS were looking for a seasoned digital marketing partner to add expertise to their internal resource, to help drive an effective digital marketing strategy to increase their customer acquisition and lead generation from their website. Their digital marketing strategy will need to be scalable as they continue to grow and also future proofed, and the IV team is well placed and experienced to provide this.

Helping Freestyle TS Achieve Their Goals with Digital Marketing Services

Having found a drop in the success rate of their pre-existing marketing strategies, particularly during and after lockdown, Freestyle TS wanted help identifying a digital marketing strategy to help secure their placement as a leading IT support company in what is a highly competitive marketplace.

With a little research we were able to identify some very strong and attractive USPs; Freestyle TS has been running for over 20 years and has a very experienced team of professionals. They foster long term customer relationships and have an exceptional retention rate, evidencing excellent customer satisfaction. They also support the community by offering training placements for apprentices from the local area.

Search Engine Optimisation

The IV team will improve organic website traffic quality and quantity with the intention of capturing a greater proportion of that traffic that is searching for what Freestyle TS is offering. This will not only improve their ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) against your identified keywords, but will also enhance visitor experience on the site, boosting engagement and conversion rate. Tactics focus heavily on building visibility for relevant keywords to attract the right traffic, ensuring that the website delivers a compelling user experience, based on a data-driven content strategy and the design of journeys through the site that enable the capture and nurture of prospects effectively.

Content Strategy

Organic search is closely tied to content strategy and the two disciplines are interlinked. However, while organic search is more concerned with using content as a tool to attract traffic, the content strategy focuses on developing and delivering the correct content for the key audiences at each stage of their buyers’ journey to aid engagement, retention and brand appreciation.

Consistently updating live content on a regular basis will position Freestyle TS as a proactive and operational market leader. Video will also be useful due to its accessibility, immediacy and easy to consume format and is a valuable channel for SEO in terms of fostering engagement.

The IV team will work closely with Freestyle TS to design and implement a multi-channel content strategy that delivers engagement and conversion.

Paid Search and Biddable Media

As Freestyle TS have found little success with paid media in the past, we are keen to demonstrate the value of this platform when properly managed. Paid advertising can be very useful when used as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We find that it is a key tool in the digital marketing arsenal when used with discretion, data and focus. A well-researched, planned and maintained programme of paid search could prove to be a valuable element of their marketing strategy especially whilst organic tactics are building momentum.


As the primary marketing and sales support tool the Freestyle TS website is a critical area to be addressed. We are working with the Freestyle TS team to ensure that their website is delivering the experience that their target audience is looking for with regards to their individual customer journey and providing answers to their needs and preferences. The website needs to conform to SEO best practices in order to be found for the relevant search terms and also work from a technical SEO point of view in order to rank positively at the top of SERPS.

Need Support with Your Digital Marketing?

We are thrilled to be assisting Freestyle Technical Services with their digital marketing goals. If you would like to find out how we could help your business achieve its aims and objectives, then please do get in touch!


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