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HubSpot Product Update - November 22

Posted by Vanessa on 30-Nov-2022 16:31:32 | 4 Minute Read

In November, we saw some interesting updates from HubSpot. Our team has picked out their highlights and dived into more detail about each below.

November Updates

Marketing Hub

Customer Journey Analytics

With Customer Journey Analytics, you will now be able to mix and match more with lifecycle stage changes. This feature will also allow you to filter these touchpoints, e.g., by "only include marketing email clicks from Business Unit A" as well as see the average time it takes for contacts to get from one step to another. This valuable data helps generate even more specific and useful insight into how your target accounts/audiences are behaving and where points of friction might be. Available in Beta in Marketing Hub Enterprise.




Social Monitoring on Mobile

You can now view how the posts you’ve published through HubSpot are performing, straight from your phone (iOS and Android). You’ll be able to visualise the metrics of your published posts and deep dive into the reactions to gather more curated feedback on the move, allowing you to adjust and manage your social output as needed, wherever you are. Available in Marketing Hub Pro & Enterprise.


Business Units Limit Increase to 100

With Business Units, you can manage multiple brands in one HubSpot platform. You’ll be able to customise the branding of each business unit, associate different assets to specific business units and streamline content creation. The increase of business units has been a popular request from HubSpot customers. HubSpot have listened and have increased the number of Business Units in a single hub beyond the limit of 50. This is now to a limit of 100 and available in Marketing Hub Enterprise. 



Marketing Events Extension Attendance API

With the Attendance API, you will be able to record attendance data of your own customers attending your online events. This data will be displayed in the contact’s timeline stream. It also gives you the ability to see the duration of attendance in a contacts’ timelines. Available in the free version of Marketing Hub to Enterprise.


Sales Hub


Add Line Items when Creating Deals in Workflows

With this new update, you can now add line items to the deals you're creating through automation, allowing you to cut out those manual tasks, so you can spend more time on things that matter. This new feature also allows you to streamline and rationalise how your deals are created as well as support sales and operations teams by helping to smooth the handover process past ‘closed won’. This update will bring you closer to managing your full sales process in HubSpot. Available in Sales hub Pro & Enterprise.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 3

Limit Editing Access to Select Pipeline Stages

Once a pipeline stage is set to "Limited to super admins," all deal records entering or already in that "locked" stage will only be editable by super admins. All other users will have read-only access to deal records in that stage, this includes moving a deal record in a "locked" stage into another stage. This security feature reduces the risk of user error at critical points of your pipeline and ensures only the relevant people can make certain decisions. Available in Sales hub Pro & Enterprise.


HubSpot-Product-November-Update 4


Pipelines Display Preferred Currency

If you work in a currency that is different from your company's default, you can now edit your board view to show your pipeline's totals and weighted totals in your chosen currency (please note, the currency will need to be set up in your company's HubSpot account). This is especially useful for multinational businesses or businesses that provide products and services to countries other than their own. Available in Sales Hub Starter to Enterprise.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 5 HubSpot-Product-November-Update 6

Sales & Service Hub


Recommend Playbooks Based on Deal Stage

Playbooks that are meant to be used for deals in a particular stage will be pushed to the top of the list of playbooks in the side panel card and highlighted with a "Recommended" flag, making it far easier for your sales team to follow process, saving time and improving efficiency as well as improving customer experience. Available in Sales and/or Service Pro & Enterprise.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 7


Playbook Outlines for Easier Navigation

Another interesting Playbooks update is playbook outlines which allow users to quickly navigate long playbooks by collecting section headers into a set of clickable anchor links. Outlines are automatically generated as the playbook content is edited and can be hidden or shown using the button in the top, left corner of the playbook modal window. Available in Sales and Service Pro & Enterprise.


HubSpot-Product-November-Update 8


Service Hub


Custom Ticket Stages in the Customer Portal

You can now display detailed custom ticket stage information in your customer portal instead of just "open" and "closed" stages to help end users get better visibility into their ticket status, manage ticket processes, and assign tickets more effectively based on the team loading and skill set. Available in Service Hub Pro and Enterprise.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 9




Limit Login to Trusted Ips

This feature heightens security for all portals. It allows admins to limit login to their portal to only attempts coming from within their allowed IP range. This will allow admins to block logins from outside their corporate network, VPN, or allow list of device IPs & restrict any unauthorised access. Available from Starter to Enterprise.


HubSpot-Product-November-Update 11


Workflow Action to Create an Expense in QuickBooks

Previously, only payment and invoice amounts were shown in QuickBooks without the fee charged by HubSpot. Through this new workflow action, users can have the fee amount reflected as an expense in QuickBooks. Available in Ops Hub Pro and Enterprise.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 12

Associated Columns for Custom Objects

You’ll now be able to add Associated Object columns on your Custom Object index pages and add Associated Custom Object columns to your other Object index pages. This feature enhances the level of integration in your data, enabling more objects in the data to be associated, building an even more detailed ‘single point of truth’ regardless of the way the data is accessed. Available on Enterprise only.

HubSpot-Product-November-Update 13


Find Out More

We hope you found these updates interesting! We’ll be working with our existing HubSpot clients to make the most of these new features, so If you’d like more information about how we could help your business too, our specialist MarTech team would be happy to talk to you about the options, so why not get in touch

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