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HubSpot Product October Update

Posted by Vanessa on 24-Oct-2022 15:16:00 | 3 Minute Read

In October, we saw some interesting updates from HubSpot. We’ve put this blog together to dive into more detail about our top product updates and news from this month.


Marketing Hub

Publish Instagram Carousel Posts

With HubSpot’s new social composer, you will now be able to publish Instagram carousel posts. This will give you the ability to share up to 10 photos or videos in a single carousel post. Available in Marketing Pro and Enterprise.


‘View’ Permissions for Note Activity

Admins will be able to control which notes their users and teams have access to view. This will ensure relevant contact data can be saved to HubSpot CRM without compromising sensitive information. Available in the Marketing Hub free version to Enterprise. Currently in Public Beta.


CRM Record Overview Tab

A feature that we are a big fan of! With the CRM record overview tab, you can display all the relevant details of a record front and centre. Until now, you’ve had to search through the left sidebar, timeline, and right sidebar to gather critical information from Records. Available in the Marketing Hub free version to Enterprise. Currently in Public Beta.



Marketing & CMS Hub

Saved views & updated filtering for Content

Users will be able to save their filtered searches as ‘views,’ and pin or share their saved views for quick access when managing their content. All users will have access to additional filtering including by theme. Available in Marketing and CMS Pro and Enterprise. Currently available in Public Beta.


Saved sections limit on pages increased

The number of saved sections you can have per website theme has been increased from 25 to 50. Available in the Marketing and CMS Hub free version to Enterprise.


SEO Analytics 2.0

HubSpot have built a brand new "Analyze" tab in the SEO tool which is powered by Google Search Console and enables you to assess your content's organic search performance over time. You’ll be able to keep track of how your website pages are performing on Google search results. Instead of going back and forth between Google Search Console and HubSpot to see your data on your pages' organic search metrics, you can now analyse it right in HubSpot. Available in Marketing and CMS Hub Pro and Enterprise.



Sales & Service Hub

Quote PDF Download

You can now easily download and share a HubSpot quote as a PDF file or save them for later use. Available in the Sales and Service Hub free version to Enterprise.



Add Users as attendees to meetings

You will now be able to include other HubSpot Users, not just Contacts, as attendees when scheduling a meeting from a record in the CRM. Available in the Sales and Service Hub free version to Enterprise.


Clone meetings scheduling pages

As well as attending attendees to meetings, you will now be able to clone meetings’ scheduling pages when creating new or editing existing ones. Available in the Sales and Service Hub free version to Enterprise.


Location field when scheduling meetings

Another exciting meeting tools update, you will now have the ability to set the location of a meeting when scheduling via a CRM record page. Available in the Sales and Service Hub free version to Enterprise.


HubSpot Calls from Mobile

HubSpot customers with a paid seat can now make calls from the HubSpot mobile app through the HubSpot Calling service. Available in the Sales and Service Hub Starter to Enterprise. Currently available in Beta.

Sequence Automated Email Limit Increase

The amount of automated emails in a sequence has increased from 5 emails to 10. Available in the Sales and Service Hub Pro to Enterprise.


Ops Hub

Preview for Format Data workflow action

You can now preview formula results in the Format Data action in workflows. Up until now, you would have to turn on your workflows, and run records through, just to verify that the adjustments you were making to your data were happening as expected. Available in Ops Hub Pro and Enterprise.




See when each member joined a list

You can now see the timestamp of when each individual member of a list joined. Understanding when a contact or company joined a list can help you manage your customer segments better. Available in all HubSpot packages.



New Logged Activity Options

Manually log that you sent an SMS, LinkedIn message, WhatsApp message, or postal mail on your CRM records. Configure which activity buttons appear in the record highlight card and reorder them for quicker access. Available in all HubSpot packages.

Set default settings for groups of Users

Using Presets, admins now have the ability to create email signatures, manage notifications, & apply defaults such as homepage, dashboard, language, and date & number format. This allows a more efficient process for onboarding new Users at scale. Available in Pro and Enterprise.


Forms Conversation Sources Added

Conversations source lets customers know how the conversation originated. Now we can distinguish between Email & Forms as a source.  Source properties will now include Live Chat, FB Messenger, Forms (new), and Email. Available in all HubSpot packages.


Salesforce unlimited Custom Object Sync

Users can now sync more than10 objects from Salesforce into HubSpot custom objects. You can map up to as many custom objects as you have purchased within HubSpot. Available in Enterprise only.



Find Out More

We hope you enjoyed these updates as much as we did! If you’d like more information about any of these new changes and options our specialist team would be happy to discuss these further with you, so why not get in touch?


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