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Everything you need to know about Google’s email authentication requirements

31-Jan-2024 16:01:28 | 5 Minute Read

From February 1st 2024, Google have introduced new authentication requirements for bulk email senders. In this article, we will outline what these requirements are and whether you need to be doing anything about them.

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Explaining SEO to your stakeholders - A beginners' guide

19-Dec-2023 09:11:48 | 5 Minute Read

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the action of optimising your website and web pages to improve their online visibility. By following certain best practices, you can improve your online rankings for certain keywords in order to attract more relevant organic traffic through search engine results pages. If your website answers users’ queries well, you can then turn this traffic into leads and hopefully, paying customers.

Learn about the fundamentals of SEO in this simple guide for beginners. It is designed for Marketing Managers and CMOs to share with stakeholders so they can better understand what SEO is and why it's important to invest resources in it.

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Engaging your audience among GenAI noise

04-Dec-2023 09:44:40 | 4 Minute Read

Generative AI (GenAI) is a concept that is having a huge impact on the marketing industry, affecting everything from the volume of content produced, to concerns over quality. Marketers and businesses alike are seeing major repercussions on the content that is being produced online, across a range of sectors, thanks to the ease with which content can be generated - according to the stats, demand for content grew by 1.5x in 2023 alone.

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Google's EEAT Guidelines - How To Remain Compliant

30-Nov-2023 13:25:04 | 4 Minute Read

In the world of content, Google is king - and it is imperative that businesses remain compliant with its ever-evolving search engine algorithm, especially as Google releases core updates. These form a crucial element of SEO, and businesses need to ensure that they understand what these updates are, and the impact that they can have on business success and online visibility – as well as tips on how to meet the required standards.

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