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How Privacy Policy Changes Will Impact Your Business

29-Sep-2023 15:22:08 | 5 Minute Read

Data is at the heart of all business operations. We rely on numerous data points to gain an understanding of our audiences’ actions, which allow us to make informed decisions with future marketing efforts.

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How to Use Attribution in Marketing

21-Sep-2023 12:08:32 | 9 Minute Read

Getting the right insights from your data is critical to any CMO or marketing manager. Understanding what works and what doesn’t allows you to make informed decisions on where to spend time, resources, and budget. Sounds easy, right? Well, depending on how you look at your data, the answer might not always be the same, which can get frustrating and confusing!

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How to Deal with Data Discrepancies Between Digital Marketing Platforms

24-Jul-2023 10:29:42 | 4 Minute Read

Accurate data is critical to make the right decisions in digital marketing. However, comparing data that has been collected within multiple platforms can lead to discrepancies in reported results. This can be frustrating for marketers because it brings a lot of questions. Why is this happening? Is my data accurate? How do I know which platform to trust? In this blog, we’ll cover the reasons behind discrepancies focusing on the most common platforms and where your source of truth should lie for accurate reporting.

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Understanding and Navigating Your Data Within Google Analytics 4

28-Jun-2023 13:53:03 | 10 Minute Read

The sunsetting of Universal Analytics (UA) is upon us, and the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is leaving many marketers feeling uncertain and full of questions. We have previously covered the importance of transitioning over to GA4 and how it differs to its predecessor, but what about actually using it?

Having used Universal Analytics for many years, you likely know how to find the data you need in a pinch – source/medium reports, goal completions by page, etc. All of this information is still available within the GA4 interface, either by default or via custom report creations, so we’re going to guide you through everything you need to know to leave you feeling confident that you can find the data you need, come 1st July 2023.


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The Future Of Online Advertising Regulation

16-Mar-2023 14:15:00 | 4 Minute Read

The world of online advertising often incites discussion on the ethical and legal responsibilities that said advertisers should uphold. We are at a pivotal point in online advertising, with lots of challenges being presented through current and upcoming technologies – the metaverse, crypto, NFTs, etc.

Westminster eForum’s recent conference focused on the next steps for regulations governing the online advertising industry within the UK, discussing priorities for the sector, its customers, and the public. I was keen to attend this event to gain further insight into how the UK’s regulatory bodies are operating to ensure a safer, fairer, and more transparent online advertising space. Here are a few key takeaways from the session which will either provoke thought or provide insight on the landscape of online advertising regulation:

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GA4 – Why you Need it Now & Summary of Recent Updates

27-Jul-2022 16:45:41 | 5 Minute Read

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest property type available to Google Analytics users and is the successor to the popular Universal Analytics (UA) property. As discussed in our previous blog post, What is GA4 & How Will It Impact Your Business?, GA4 uses an event-based data model to track its user’s actions, and utilises “Data Streams” to connect all your data sources, such as website, iOS or Android apps, into one single property. GA4 aims to be more user-friendly by supplying you with a handful of automatically tracked events and “Enhanced Measurement” tracking, to automatically measure interactions and content on your site, such as file downloads, scrolls, etc., without the need for additional tracking code.

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