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How to Deal with Data Discrepancies Between Digital Marketing Platforms

24-Jul-2023 10:29:42 | 4 Minute Read

Accurate data is critical to make the right decisions in digital marketing. However, comparing data that has been collected within multiple platforms can lead to discrepancies in reported results. This can be frustrating for marketers because it brings a lot of questions. Why is this happening? Is my data accurate? How do I know which platform to trust? In this blog, we’ll cover the reasons behind discrepancies focusing on the most common platforms and where your source of truth should lie for accurate reporting.

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How to Implement GTM on your Site in 10 Steps

14-Jan-2020 11:43:38 | 19 Minute Read

Google Tag Manager (or for the purpose of speed GTM) is a hugely popular and powerful platform. However, it’s incredibly easy to get wrong. And if you’re using Google Analytics (which you most likely are) any mistakes you make are going to be forever visible on your account/view. This often can lead to problems comparing data, for example if you want to look at year on year (YOY) metrics, an issue with GTM tracking could easily lead to distorted and inaccurate figures.

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