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New HubSpot Website for Red Flag Alert

Posted by Zoë on 27-Oct-2022 14:17:55
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 Innovation Visual client Red Flag Alert is an established but progressive business that helps its clients use data insights to grow revenue and protect their company from financial risk.

We support Red Flag Alert with the development and delivery of their full digital marketing strategy, including the evolution of their HubSpot instance, used to manage their sales, service and marketing activity. As a result, we were ideally placed to also plan and deliver a website that would be an effective lead generation tool for the business.


The Brief

Red Flag Alert’s (RFA) former website was built on a custom CMS that had become outdated and so was difficult and inflexible to update. In terms of look and feel, it was also no longer aligned with the company’s vision for the future and did not showcase RFA and its new capabilities to the fullest. Not only did the site’s inaccessibility mean that the RFA team struggled to add new content to the site, but it was also very hard to optimise and so was not performing as well as it could for the business. Alongside those issues, the business was looking to streamline process and introduce efficiencies in its sales and marketing. With HubSpot already in place, the most logical choice for seamless integration was a website based on the flexible HubSpot CMS.

RFA’s objectives for their new website included:

  • Improved visual design and aesthetic of the website for the target audience.
  • Fast, efficient access to make changes to all areas of the site, including deployment of timely content such as platform capability updates.
  • Delivery of time savings and efficiencies in the website management processes.
  • Improved website structure and UX (User Experience) to engage with a higher number of better-quality visitors on the website and convert them more effectively to become leads.
  • Integration of additional tools and functionality designed to facilitate best practice digital marketing, making effective use of resource. To include purposeful user journeys, efficient calls to action enhanced with best practice CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) conversational marketing, lead nurture and automation.
  • Future-proofing the website to ensure it is able to deliver effectively going forward.
  • Faster and more scalable marketing platform that delivers better results on Google Core Web Vitals measures and therefore better SEO results too.
  • Delivery of a more dynamic foundation for the company’s ongoing digital marketing.


The Solution

As HubSpot Diamond Partners, with an in-house development team experienced over a range of platforms, including the HubSpot CMS; we were sure that using the HubSpot CMS for RFA’s website would not only deliver on all their objectives for their new site but would also deliver the seamless integrations between their sales and marketing functionality that they needed.

The Innovation Visual team worked alongside the RFA team to visualise the new website and identify the needs of the evolving RFA audience. RFA provided the core design for the new website, that we expanded and realised in HubSpot, and we collaborated on the content development for the new, data-driven Information Architecture to ensure it met both the needs of the audience as well as search engines for ranking.


Detailed keyword research and keyword mapping allowed us to plan and agree the right Information Architecture (IA) for the website. This essential planning stage ensured that the website would be able to perform effectively in search, by serving the right content, at the right time in response to relevant searches by the target audiences.

A technical audit of the original site also gave insight into the content that was performing and that which wasn’t. The results of the audit made sure we did not replicate any of the issues affecting the performance of the original website but also ensured that none of the hard won site position, especially ranking for focus keywords, was lost in the process either.

Design and Build

Guided by the indicative design provided by RFA, our web development team used the flexible HubSpot CMS to create a series of flexible page templates and modules. These templates and modules are the ideal solution to deliver brand and design consistency while also allowing maximum flexibility in page structure and layout, and ease of use by Red Flag Alert’s own team. Essentially providing the ideal balance between carefully controlled branding and effective, flexible web pages that perform.


Never has the quality of website content been so important, especially with the recent Google Helpful Content Update. In order to make sure that the RFA website content was as effective as possible, we worked with the RFA team to evolve the right content strategy and deliver that content into the new website. That involved the editing and updating of existing content as well as the development of new content as needed. We will continue to develop content now the site has launched.  


The devil is typically in the detail, and that is never truer that when launching a new website. That is why we have an extensive process designed especially for the pre-launch of a new website. In advance of the launch of the RFA website, our SEO specialists ran their pre-launch audit to check that the site was free of broken links, orphaned pages and any other issues that might have impacted the health of the new website and consequently how it ranks in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Managing Director for Red Flag Alert, Richard West commented, ‘As a SaaS business, our website is our shop window, main selling tool and lifeblood. The new website developed by Innovation Visual is a breath of fresh air. The website is a usable tool now and we are looking forward to making the most of the functionality we have at our disposal to deliver on our short, medium and long term business objectives’.




The Results

While it is still a little early to see the significant change in results that we anticipate, the new website has already alleviated many of the challenges that the last website presented to the RFA team. They now have easy access to their website and can update it and add to it at will, via the user-friendly CMS interface. The technical elements of the website and its structure are aligned with best practice and the HubSpot CMS flexibility provides built-in future-proofing.

The Red Flag Alert team now have the flexible, effective and integrated website they needed to fully realise their ambitious growth goals.

Is Your Website an Effective Revenue Delivery Tool?

The Innovation Visual team is experienced at planning, developing and delivering websites that work. In understanding the needs of your business and of your target audiences we can work with you to create the effective business asset you need to meet your objectives and add value to your proposition.

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