Google My Business: Insights for Businesses

If you have ever undertaken any local SEO activities, then you will probably already understand the importance of setting up and optimising your business’ Google My Business page. With 85% of the global market share, Google remains a true leader when it comes to the search engine market, so it’s no surprise that most of us want to be a part of its extensive worldwide network and optimise the local listings as much as possible. Google My Business offers a free way for your business to rank in Google search and map results, providing you have created/claimed your Google Listing and taken the time to optimise it. Google My Business is very important for your business and if you have not claimed your listing already, then make sure you do it, and quickly!

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In addition, your Google My Business (GMB) page will also offer detailed insights into the performance of your listing.

GMB Insights Layout

The Google My Business Insights tab includes some nifty features, making our lives easier and the data easy to understand and interpret.

The insights tab offers a detailed insight into how customers are searching for your business, where they are coming from, where customers view your business on Google, the actions people take on your listing, direction requests, phone calls, photo views and how many photos appear for your business in comparison to similar businesses. These insights give you the ability to see how your Google My Business listing it performing and whether you need to take action to optimise your listing to improve it.

Google Search or Google Maps – How Do Users Find Your Page?

One of the most useful insights you can get from your Google Listing is the split between the users who found your Google local page in Google Search Index and those who found it via Google Maps. The data is presented in a timeline graph format, which provides information on the number of total views and your listing, as well as an actual split of the pages’ views both in Google Search and Maps.You can select to view data for 1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter.

Google My Business Page Visits Graph


Direct vs Discovery: Brand or Service Keywords

Another useful insight for your Google Business page is the “How customers search for your business” chart, which is shown as the first insight in the section. By analysing this chart and selecting the data range (1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter) you will see the number of total searches, and a percentage breakdown of how users found your GMB page by searching with the service/product keyword against the number of people who were typing your brand name directly into the search bar. This is a neat guideline for where you should spend your time while working on your digital marketing strategy: either you should invest in your SEO visibility for generic service terms, or rather focus on brand-awareness campaign in the region where your business operates.

Google My Business Customer Search Chart


Insight Into Customer Actions

You can also see how people are interacting with your Google My Business listing once they’ve found it. You will be able to see how many people visited your website, how many requested directions and how many called you. This can give you a valuable insight into how your GMB page benefits users. Google Maps is an extremely popular way of people navigating to your premises and people will often use Google My Business to call your business, as a quick, easy way of finding your phone number. In a world where people are demanding instant results, it is important to provide them, so you do not lose out to your competitors. Optimise your Google My Business listing and then use the insights tab to physically see the benefits of doing so.

Google My Business Customer Actions graph

Photo Data

Businesses that include recent photos on their Google My Business listing generally receive more clicks to their website. Make sure you’re regularly updating the imagery for your business on your Google Listing and then using Insights to see how your photos are performing in comparison to other similar businesses.

Google My Business Photo Data Graph

Make The Most of Google My Business Insights

Now you know a bit more about the Insights feature of Google My Business, make sure you use it to find out how your listing is performing and what value it is giving to users. Having an optimised Google My Business listing is very important for Local SEO, as it helps people to find, call and visit your business.

If you would like to find out more about Google My Business and how your can interpret the data, then please feel free to contact our digital consultancy team, who will be happy to help you.

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