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Trustpilot gives customers a platform to leave reviews about a company. Not only can reviews influence the buying decisions of potential customers, making it a powerful platform for your business, but there is also evidence to suggest that Trustpilot reviews are a ranking factor in Google search. Customers’ opinions are important to inform the business on their execution. Customer experience metrics are especially valuable because reviews can directly influence the buying decision of new and potential customers. Trustpilot is a great way of presenting positive reviews in Google search and on your business’ website and Innovation Visual are very proud of our work with this great technology partner.

Who are Trustpilot?

The internet gives people the chance to air their thoughts for all to view.  Users actively seek out other people’s opinion on products and services that they are about to purchase, often as part of their decision-making process.  Think about how many times you have looked at reviews before making a purchase decision, deciding where to eat or go on holiday for example! However, the number of fake and downright strange reviews have left people requiring transparent and trusted review sources. Every month, people share over 1.6 million reviews on Trustpilot to help each other find great companies and make better buying decisions. A star rating signifies to the world that people love your company.Trustpilot-logo-with-white-background

Trusted & Transparent Reviews

Trustpilot publish reviews for online businesses. The website allows customers to post a review about their experiences of the product or service they purchased online. Around half a million new reviews are posted through Trustpilot every month, making it one of the most used online review sites. The process ensures that reviews are transparent and legitimate, helping build credibility for the companies using the service, ensuring that everyone in the buying and selling process benefit.

Benefits to your Business

The likelihood is that when you have made a purchase of a product or service online, you have looked at reviews yourself.  Recommendations from real people are a powerful influence on the buyer’s decision-making process. The challenge is to harness these reviews to ensure that they are trusted, transparent and authentic. The power of customer reviews should not be underestimated. 

Trustpilot can benefit companies in the following ways:

Improve Organic Search Performance Rankings

Star reviews help search engine ranking. There is a licensing agreement in place between Trustpilot and Google, which means that Trustpilot reviews are used in conjunction with Google Star Ratings and Google Seller ratings. Innovation Visual are a Badged Google Ads Agency Partner so we know how to integrate these offerings to the best advantage for your business. Product reviews can also really boost organic search, as new and fresh content is generated regularly for your product and services.  Often the reviews are keyword rich which can help reinforce your search rankings. 

Improve User Experience

Trustpilot reviews can improve user experience and help to build trust with your brand.  Buy asking customers to give their thoughts on your service you start to get insights in your audience and build relationships with them. 

Helps to Generate Leads or Sales

If a potential customer is considering whether to purchase from you, positive reviews and a strong Trustpilot rating can increase the likelihood that they will buy from you.  Displaying reviews on your website provides social proof – giving potential customers the confidence to do business with you.

Turn Negatives into Positives

A poor review is not the end of the world. If a customer is less than satisfied and leaves a review which reflects this, it is an excellent opportunity to improve their experience and portray the business in a more positive light. People do not expect things to go well 100% of the time, so if you demonstrate how you are able to resolve a negative experience, this will help to build trust in both their and other customer eyes.

Social Media Integration

Your Trustpilot feed and review system can be integrated into your social media accounts.  This way when people find you on social media, reviews can help pique their interest and drive traffic to your site.

Reviews are Monitored

Companies can respond to reviews, both positive and negative, and also have the option to report negative reviews to Trustpilot if the review violates user guidelines or the company has no record of the reviewer ever having been a customer. This means that your company cannot be plagued with fake reviews from competitors, which can be an issue on review sites with less stringent monitoring processes and guidelines.

Making Trustpilot work for your Business.

Trustpilot is a highly accessible review site, meaning that anyone can publish a review, as long as they create a user account or login through their email or Facebook account. Submitting a review is a quick and easy process, so if someone has had a positive experience purchasing from your website, they can let others know about it quickly, while the impetus to shout about their experience is still fresh.

Why you should work with a Trustpilot Partner

Customers’ opinions are important for influencing the buying decisions of new customers and Trustpilot is a great way of presenting positive reviews in Google search and on your business’ website. Trustpilot can be a powerful tool for your business and have a positive impact when used in the right way.

Implementation discounts

The entry level account is free of charge and enables you to collect and respond to Trustpilot reviews. A further three tiers allow for increasing levels of service at increasing cost. As a Trustpilot partner, Innovation Visual are able to obtain a discount for using their services which we can pass onto our clients.

Integration Support

Innovation Visual are able to provide advice on the best way to use Trustpilot on your site and the level to use which is most appropriate for your business. We can also help with integrating it into your site and across your online applications to ensure the process is smooth and simple.

Using Trustpilot Effectively

Our experienced team can offer you support and guidance on how to best use Trustpilot including what the metrics mean and how to integrate these into your wider digital marketing strategy in addition to providing expert assistance on developing a strategy to collect reviews. Trustpilot continually develops and launches new features on the platform and we are the first to hear about them. Access to this information means we can help you use these features to your advantage before anyone else. We also have access to dedicated and named support people at Trustpilot.


Trustpilot has a huge wealth of blogs and webinars to help you to better use the data which you can collect. Innovation Visual has the experience and know-how to help you to use your account to your best advantage.

Expert Trustpilot Advice

If you are interested in using Trustpilot on your website, why not contact the Innovation Visual team, who will be able to offer advice on how Trustpilot could benefit your business. 

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